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Warrior Athletics founder, Sam Booth, is a member of the Innovation Hothouse, a co-working space and support network, located in Derby's Enterprise Centre. The Innovation Hothouse offers a space for self-employed students and University of Derby graduates to work on their businesses.

Designed by athletes and created for athletes, Sam founded the company and its values on helping athletes to be the best they can be. In utilising knowledge from athletes, coaches and those who have faced the hardship that athletes face daily, Warrior Athletics designs and creates quality products.

After graduating with a degree in graphic design from the University of Derby, Sam was initially utilising his skills at John E Wrights Printers. However, after being made redundant as the pandemic began, Sam began searching for a way that he could use his passion for design and his love of sport to build a sustainable future.

As the pandemic went on, Sam decided to use his contacts, skills and knowledge to create a plan of action to open a gym. This space would be aimed at amateur athletes who do not have access to the same facilities as professional athletes, offering a zone with more area for functional fitness and less generic gym machines.

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However, the 2017 Derby graduate knew he would have to put in the work to achieve this. Needing roughly £100k to even begin this dream, he began looking for methods to make a reputation for himself, win the trust of athletes, and assist them in any way he could until he could afford the start-up fees.

Leading a very active life outside of work, playing American Football for Nottingham and also coaching the sport at the University of Nottingham, Sam is not short of experience in the athletic field. He works with athletes three times a week and comments, “I love seeing them develop as not only players, but also as individuals”.

This is where Warrior Athletics was born. With the aid of the University of Derby’s “Be the Boss” programme, Sam began creating content online, building the businesses foundations on Instagram, as a page to support and motivate athletes. With advice and support from people he had met along his journey, ranging from bodybuilding to kayaking, the business moved up and increased the number of designs from three t-shirt designs to now an entire catalogue of products. But Sam’s ambitions aren’t stopping there, with the desire to move into women’s wear and of course to build his gym in the future.

The brand's name represents someone who will go to any length to be the best they can be, the underdog, the warrior, someone who perseveres and never gives up. That is why Sam associates himself, and his business with individuals who are involved, competent and committed to their sport, but who are also learning from their own errors and willing to accept help.

Sam began by trying a variety of apparel items, unwilling to accept anything less than the best. Simply said, if an athlete would not wear it to train or compete in, they will not use it. Warrior Athletics strives to make all of their products as environmentally friendly as possible, using 0% plastic in all of their orders along with packaging that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Thus far, the brand has amassed a collection of high-quality clothing and designs; creating a culture, not just a brand. With the continued support from the Innovation Hothouse and those who Sam has met along the way, Warrior Athletics will continue to inspire and support every athlete.

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My favourite t-shirt I sell is the exact mentality I built Warrior on. ‘PROVE THEM WRONG’. You will find a vast amount of people who will tell you that you can’t do it, tell you that it’s not possible, but you can do it... PROVE THEM WRONG!

Samuel Booth
Owner of Warrior Athletics

To follow Warrior Athletics’ journey, visit their Instagram page @warriorathleticsuk and visit their website to view their products and follow their story.

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