Social-ISE Project

The Social-ISE Project was founded in 2018 by University of Derby graduate Danniebelle Gunter. Social-ISE provides social media marketing to social entrepreneurs, charities, not-for-profits and their organisations, whilst also working on community projects.

Dannie graduated from the University in 2019 with a BSc in Child Family Health and Wellbeing and during her studies she also volunteered in a number of different roles both at the university and in the community. It was during this time that Dannie noticed a gap in the market that would combine her skills and passions, whilst helping other organisations to make the world a better, more sustainable place for future generations.

Dannie comments: “I’ve always wanted to help people and to make a difference in my networks and community. And that was evident in my varied background before establishing the Social-Ise Project. I’d worked as a youth support worker, training co-ordinator, and had even been the Chair of my own community organisation – Project COFFE.”

During her degree Dannie discovered the ‘Be the Boss’ programme through the Careers and Employability Services team at the University.

Dannie notes:

 “I’ve always felt entrepreneurial and passionately believed I could run my own business – Be The Boss helped me to do this. Their bursary was especially helpful in those early days – it helped me to set up a website, arrange business insurance and cover travel expenses and other essential purchases.”

Dannie says: “The Social-ISE Project will support people to create social impact content as well as helping business leaders to find fulfilment through their community contributions. We’re already expanding into social media management and workshops, website and logo creation as well as offering services for internet marketing assessments.”

Since graduating from the University, Dannie has also been able to receive support through their Innovation Hothouse programme which provides business support and a network for students and graduates at the early stages of running their own business, along with co-working space facilities and free membership to the East Midlands Chamber.

Dannie adds:

“My advice to anyone wanting to set up a business would be to just go for it. The support I received through the University gave me the confidence to start my business and I’m also looking forward to continuing that support now I’ve graduated through their Innovation Hothouse programme and in the future their business incubation services.”

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