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About Entrepreneurs Arise Global

Vivian Nelson graduated from the University of Derby in 2017 after studying Business Studies.

Entrepreneurs Arise Global activates, inspires, and prepare potential and existing entrepreneurs for business success; and to help them gain sustainable competitive advantages in the global marketplace. Entrepreneurs Arise Global provides the following offerings:

1. Virtual entrepreneurial programs available on Entrepreneurs Arise Global website

a. Self-taught entrepreneurial programs
b. Mini-project: Persons who are not entrepreneurs will be interviewed and receive assistance to brainstorm their business ideas and other key information for business start-ups

2. Virtual workshops:
a. Business Plans
b. Digital marketing

3. Exchange Program: Create platform for participants of developed countries to exchange information with underdeveloped and developing countries about “Technology in Business”

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About Bryhanels

Bryhanels provides efficient marketing, sales and accounting services, and the latest trends in retailing services. Bryhanels provides the following offerings:

  1. Booking keeping and accounting services
  2. Marketing and sales
  3. Physical and virtual retailing
  4. Sales agent to trending international businesses

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