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Welcome to Unibuddy

International student, Frederico Castanho, details his experience of working part time as a Unibuddy. 

By Frederico Castanho - 28 January 2021

What is Unibuddy?

M name is Frederico Castanho, and I am an international student at the University of Derby. I am currently in my second year of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and when I am not studying for exams or writing essays, I have found an amazing part-time role at the University working as a Unibuddy. This role develops my communication skills, I can also help other students and build a network of friends.

Unibuddy is an online communication platform provided by the University to prospective students. It is hosted by current Derby students who have come from all around the world, studying a variety of courses and all have their own life experiences to share. You can chat to us via Private Messenger or through the Live Events that are organised frequently. You can ask all of your questions and get quick answers. 

Why I became a Unibuddy 

I applied to become a Unibuddy because I enjoy working with people and supporting others. I realised that I might have information to help others throughout their decision-making process, be it course information or places to go in Derby to have fun, I thought this is a great way of sharing tips and my own experience with others. Most of the queries I receive from prospective students, I can answer from my own knowledge and personal experiences, but it also helps me to develop my research skills as I utilise webpages on the University's website or provide specific links and information advised by the Unibuddy staff that is tailored for specific situations, like financial or wellbeing services.  

Frederico standing outside the Kedleston Road campus holding his arms out.
Frederico on campus at Kedleston Road

From these scenarios I have also gained new information about several services available at the University, so by helping others I have also been helping develop myself. 

Not having worked as a Unibuddy for long, I am already thankful for the opportunity, it feels good to be that person that my first-year self might have needed during that time, so the position is very rewarding. The Unibuddy network is full of great people who also help one another. I have met new friends along the way. 

Join Unibuddy 

If you are looking to chat with a Unibuddy like me, you can do that easily by visiting the University of Derby website.

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About the author

Psychology student Frederico from Lisbon, Portugal

Frederico Castanho
Psychology student

Frederico is a second year, international student from Lisbon, Portugal, reading Psychology. He also helps advise future Derby students on Unibuddy.