Category: Technology

Plane landing at sunset

Simon Peter Nadeem at University of Derby discusses the latest advances in technology which are changing the face of logistics and supply chain management

Innovation logistics supply and chain

Maria Adebola Adeseun from the University of Derby talks about innovation and technology in logistics and supply chain.

A padlock on the keyboard of a laptop

Cyberwarfare and cyber security have been under the spotlight in recent years, as organisations across the world have been targeted in high-profile attacks.

A person using their bank card to shop online

Tony Blockley, Head of Policing at the University of Derby gives his advice on how to shop safely online this Black Friday

The word security on a computer screen

Tariq Abdullah, Academic Lead for Computing & IT at University of Derby Online Learning discusses whether our internet is becoming more vulnerable.

Video camera filming some people

Jon Walmsley, Senior Media Advisor at the University of Derby, provides 10 ways video can be used to enhance learning and teaching.

Mobile phone on social media

Annmarie Hanlon, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at the University of Derby, explains how to increase followers on social media.

A person smiling

Adam Hill, lecturer at the University of Derby, shares his passion with his students, and talks about his expertise and experience working on live events.

Electrical circuit board

Phil Burton-Cartledge, Course Director of Law and Social Sciences and Lecturer in Sociology, looks at the future world of work, what this means for the labour market, and how individuals can prepare.

Phone screen with social media app icons

Annmarie Hanlon, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, explores how customer service via social media will evolve in 2017.