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Nurses smiling at each other in white uniform

Research Nurse Jessica Jackson looks at how social media is blurring the line between personal and professional behaviour, and how this can impact nursing.

Cars and lorries

The 'future of mobility' strand of the government's Industrial Strategy is driving a profound change in how we move people, goods and services around our towns and cities. Professor Warren Manning looks at the momentum the strategy could provide for innovation in the way we do business.

Meeting the needs of an ageing society is one of four 'grand challenges' identified in the government's Industrial Strategy to help create an economy that works for everyone. With the UK population ageing, Dan Garner, Programme Leader in Product Design Engineering at the University of Derby, looks at how technology and design are helping older people lead independent and fulfilling lives.

For almost 20 years, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been promoted as the way forward. But is the bubble about to burst for these technologies? According to Richard Self, Senior Lecturer in Analytics and Governance at the University of Derby, the answer is 'probably yes'.

A passenger jet flies over a city where major construction projects are taking place

How readily does the engineering industry accept LGBT+ workers? We look at how the sector can be more inclusive - and productive


Maria Adeseun, a Doctoral student in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Derby, explores the benefit of technological innovation to industry.

Student at a computer

Paula Shaw, Academic Manager at University of Derby Online Learning, explores how a 'virtual campus' can provide a rich student learning experience.

a car driving at night under street lights

With the rapid development in self-driving vehicles, and the tragic accident in Arizona causing concerns around the world, Maria Adeseun, Doctoral Student in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Derby, weighs up the pros and cons of this technology.

Apple iphone and apple watch

Professor Antonio Liotta, Director of the Data Science Research Centre at the University of Derby, discusses the data science possibilities of the Internet of Things.

Planets in outer space

Mo Ali Yousuf, PhD candidate at the University of Derby, explores the possibility of Twitter being able to predict the future - and what benefits this could bring?