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Group walking and hiking through bushes

Miles Richardson, Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness, looks at the importance of building a new relationship with the natural world.

Electric pulses

Dr Dean Fido, Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Derby, discusses the question: at what age do we really grow up?

Blackboard that reads 'stop the stigma - mental health problem'

Around 25% of university students experience mental health problems. Could self-compassion be the key to coping with shame arising from stigma?

Smoke from a chimney

A recent Sky News article carried the headline “UK carbon emissions ‘at lowest level since days of Jack the Ripper’”. It sounded like some rare good news in the world of climate change and carbon emissions, so Stuart Walker, a researcher at the University of Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering, decided to investigate.  

Cleaning the beach of plastic including bottles and bags

Students Yvette and Molly are on a mission to help others adopt a better, plastic-free way of life. Here, they share their passion for helping to protect the environment and their top tips for reducing plastic waste.

Dana Abu Omar, PhD research student at the University of Derby, discusses the debate around the scientific value of dyslexia as a diagnosis.

For almost 20 years, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been promoted as the way forward. But is the bubble about to burst for these technologies? According to Richard Self, Senior Lecturer in Analytics and Governance at the University of Derby, the answer is 'probably yes'.


Andrew Ramsey, Head of Discipline - Environmental Science at the University of Derby, discusses why biodiversity is of vital importance.

Living room filled with seawater and fish as the furniture floats

What's causing our climate to change and temperatures to rise? We look at University of Derby research investigating the causes and effects of climate change.


A major energy milestone was reached this month when the world's first grid-connected tidal power station supplied 'baseload' electricity to the UK grid.