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What's to love about Derby?

Hello, I’m Liv! In this post I’m going to be outlining and telling you all about what I think makes Derby a really great and special place for students to enjoy their time while they’re studying at the University.

By Liv Hardy - 11 January 2023

What do you enjoy about Derby?

I think the first thing that I noted about Derby was the fact that it’s instantly recognisable as a student-friendly city. With most of the student accommodation being located in the city centre, you know that you’re going to be surrounded by people who are just like you! This definitely filled me with feelings of relief and excitement when I was viewing the city as a Year 13 student. Not knowing the city where I was spending the next few years of my life was a really anxiety-inducing period, so my initial visits to Derby made an instant positive impact on my outlook. 

What fun things are there to do for students?

Derby is full of all the elements that a student could seek out in any city. Whether that be nightclubs, shopping centres, hospitality or nature, Derby has it all. Fancy a night out with your friends? Popworld Wednesdays are where it’s at. You’re craving some retail therapy after your student loan comes in? The Derbion can fulfil your shopping needs AND a cheeky dinner out. 

Market Place in Derby

Perhaps you’re feeling a sweet, serene, stroll in Derby – located right next to the Kedleston Road site and not far from the Markeaton Street site, there’s Markeaton Park. Described as one of the most popular attractions in the East Midlands, Markeaton Park is jam-packed with fun things to do, namely The Orangery & Craft Village. For those who want a more relaxing day out, why don’t you gather some friends and paint a pot? Or visit the Studio Gift Shop for some neat souvenirs from a small business? Like I said before, there’s something for everyone in Derby.

What is the city like for getting around?

One of the greatest things about Derby is that the city isn’t too big or too small. Virtually everything is within walking distance – or if walking isn’t your cup of tea, there’s easy access on public transport. Not only is there the free Unibus service (which I use religiously) that can get you between the campus sites, city centre and train station, the Derby Bus Station services can whisk you away to surrounding areas such as Uttoxeter and Nottingham (perhaps another outlet for retail therapy?)!

Is the city friendly?

With the city being so populated by students, it’s pretty much impossible to not feel the love of those who you have so much in common with, without even knowing it. At the same time, the city is filled with so many friendly businesses (whether they’re big or small) who have nothing but love and friendliness to share. Sure, it’s a city, so nothing can be absolutely perfect, but I can confidently say that Derby is one of few places where I have truly felt comfortable where I am. 

Sadler Gate in Derby

Where would you recommend going?

Derbion is such a popular place among students (100% on my end, anyway). Most of the shops and services offered in the Derbion are student appropriate, so there’s a huge amount of browsing that you can do. There’s also a cinema, a bowling alley, and a mini golf course! I don’t know about you, but there’s plenty of fun days out with friends, and even date nights that I can’t ever get tired of!

So, if you were struggling on finding some activities to fill out your next trip to Derby, I truly hope I’ve been able to convince you that there is much more to the city than meets the eye! If you’d like to delve into some more information on Derby and its surrounding area, then the city section has some more tips on how you can get the most out of your visit. Thank you so much for reading!

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Marketing student, Liv Hardy.

Liv Hardy
Marketing student

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