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What students do in Derby

Hey reader! I’m Rhian, and today I’m going to talk about what l like most about Derby.

Derby has been an amazing and life-changing place for me. Moving here to start university, literally hundreds of miles away from my family and townie living in Poole, has given me so many new experiences and places to see.

By Rhian Finch - 11 January 2023

Day life

One of the first things I did in Derby was wander around the centre, which is home to so many businesses and places to occupy your time. For morning study sessions, I grab my laptop and go to the Costa on the high street, it makes for the perfect space if you prefer a stimulated environment. If you prefer a quieter, but still stimulating place to study, BEAR is a good stop with great quality food.

On the more social side of Derby living, there’s a vast range of places and things to try! My friends and l go to the Hollywood Bowl occasionally, and we never fail to have a good time. Although we usually end up on the floor, either through laughter or our frankly awful bowling skills. Just goes to show that, even if you’re bad at something, you can still have the time of your life.

There are quite a few cafés and restaurants that are perfect for brunch! Carnero Lounge is open all day, with good quality food for different dietary requirements. It’s perfect for hanging out or catching up with friends, but also any meal of the day where you just don’t feel like cooking. For a more fun twist, Turtle Bay’s bottomless brunch is certainly a good way to start a day of festivities. 

View of bowling lanes at Hollywood Bowl


When it comes to nightlife, there are a few favourites among Derby students. The three-room Moomoos is arguably the most popular, hosting events all year, and the ones where they give out inflatables are my personal favourites, with my halls last year being decorated with more of them than I’d like to admit.

Student nights make things much more affordable on a night about the town. The societies flock to Popworld for events, with others in the student body following on Wednesday nights. These Wednesdays may give the more anxious club -goer some piece of mind, as only students and plus ones are allowed in, and the smoking area is larger, meaning you can grab some fresh air if you’re feeling overwhelmed. MOSH Mondays is probably the most popular student night, with three floors of different music, and discounts to make the night more affordable. After you’re done for the night, there are a few food joints that’re open until the early morning, which always hits the spot.

People on dancefloor of MOSH

The University

The University really is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the city, and the place I spend the most time. I like working on my assignments and exam revision in the library, often with other students from my course. We’ll go to labs and lectures, then get something from the food court and then work until we’ve either finished or have other commitments. There’s so many ways to get involved with the university, through sports clubs and societies, student representatives and content creators, like myself.

I do all of these things. Being a Derby Treefrog (University of Derby Pole Fitness Club), a student rep AND a content creator, I’ve taken as much as I can without pushing myself too far. If l ever did feel that way, the Student Wellbeing team has ways of helping. I know the feeling of being a fresher and wanting to try absolutely everything, but it’s so important to take care of your mental health. 

Derby has so much to offer, and I’m glad I moved here. I’ve met so many people l absolutely adore, and tried things I never thought I would. The thing I love most about Derby is that you’ll never be bored, but if you prefer the loner lifestyle, then that’s okay too. Whatever you choose, you have the chance to grow into your own person, and learn more about yourself.

That’s all from me -  for now. So thank you for reading, I hope my words made you feel something positive. 

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Content creator - Rhian Finch.

Rhian Finch
Content creator

I am currently a Zoology student (With Foundation Year) at the University of Derby. I chose to be a content creator for the University because I love having a creative outlet and being able to speak to the public may prove to be helpful for me in the future.