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Lecture Recording Guidelines

The following was agreed at the LTESC meeting (April 2014):

Recording lectures is likely to benefit all learners, as well as meet the needs of those with certain specified learning difficulties/disabilities. Like all institutions, the University of Derby is expected to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that students with disabilities are not disadvantaged in any way. This is particularly relevant in providing access to core teaching and learning materials. More detailed advice is available at Learning Enhacement's Inclusive Teaching Practice web pages.

What is lecture recording?

Lecture recording is digitally capturing your lecture for students to view again later. This involves recording some or all of the following; audio, screen-capture, PowerPoint slides or video using a webcam or document camera.

What lecture recording facilities are available at Derby?

The University of Derby has a number of "" teaching spaces, which have microphones built into the room. All other classroom PCs have the Panopto recording software but you may need to borrow a portable microphone from the Library to capture your lectures.

For more advice and guidance about recording your lectures please contact Learning Enhancement’s Learning Technology Advisers (tel@derby.ac.uk)

Further information about the law relating to recording lectures can be found on the JISC Legal website.

General Enquiries

E: tel@derby.ac.uk

T: 01332 591865

IT and AV support

T: 01332 591234

E: ITServiceCentre@derby.ac.uk


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