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Lecture recording

An overview for teaching staff of the lecture recording facilities available at the University of Derby.

How to use Panopto

Use a PC or Mac to record presentations in a classroom, or on your desktop machine.

Recording with Panopto essential steps:

  1. Open Panopto by clicking the desktop icon
  2. Sign in with Course Resources UDo login (University username and password)
  3. On the Panopto Create new recording tab, choose the module folder to record to 
  4. Choose audio / video sources to record: mic (required), webcam, desktop screen
  5. Open your PowerPoint by clicking on the Open a Presentation button in the Panopto recorder, and load your presentation
  6. Click Yes to start PowerPoint and Panopto recording and deliver your presentation. Press F9 to pause and unpause the recording while PowerPoint is in full screen.
  7. Close down PowerPoint when finished
  8. Click Panopto icon in the taskbar to see the recorder screen
  9. Click Stop, or press F10 key, to stop the recording
  10. Click Upload on the confirm screen


PC quickstart guide - how to record helpsheet

Mac quickstart guide - how to record helpsheet

More instructions on using Panopto


PC instructions video (no audio, with subtitles)


Mac instructions video

This video (no audio, with subtitles) explains how to record on a Mac.


Case studies of how Lecture Recording (Panopto) have been used

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Copyright Guidelines for Lecture Recording

JISC Legal website

TEL Team Panopto training materials

General Enquiries

IT and AV support contact IT Service Centre

Email: ITServiceCentre@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 1234

For training and advice on using lecture recording (Panopto)

Email: TEL@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 01332 591865