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Lecture recording

An overview for teaching staff of the lecture recording facilities available at the University of Derby.


What is Lecture Recording

Lecture Recording (a system made by Panopto) enables you to record your speech, PowerPoint slides, computer screen and any video feeds (like a webcam). The output is an ingenious video which viewers can interact with.

 Try it now! Visit https://derby.cloud.panopto.eu, click the green Sign in button and log in with your University username/password.


Use and access

Increasingly, students have come to expect access to lectures after the event (Jewitt, 2015).

Most rooms at Derby are now equipped with recording equipment, for example a built in mic and often a ceiling webcam as well (see below for the list of rooms).

Lecture Recording integrates with Course Resources. You record your presentation directly into your module, and students can access it from there.


Help and resources

S‌taff can access comprehensive help guides and tutorials, case studies etc via Course Resources. 

Access Course Resources staff tab here

2 Click on UODSTAFF-017: Panopto - Lecture Recording

3 For quick start instructions click on 2 Recording on Mac/PC


List of Lecture Recording ready rooms

The Lecture Recording Ready room list contains all of the teaching rooms with their equipment status - audio, audio and webcam or not enabled.


Uses for Lecture Recording

Aside from recording lectures, teachers have been using lecture recording in innovative ways:

  • Student assignments (e.g. presentations)
  • Student feedback from tutor
  • Student peer assessment
  • Flipped teaching
  • Assignment explanations
  • Module introductions

For more help and information contact your College’s Media Adviser: Email tel@derby.ac.uk or call x1865.


Case studies of how Lecture Recording (Panopto) have been used

The evolution of learning a biologist flips the classroom at the University of Birmingham

Panopto at City and Guilds enhancing communications and cutting costs

Bringing Lecture Capture to the University of Northampton


Lecture Recording at Derby

10 minutes with Dr Stuart Mourton, Sport, Outdoor & Exercise Science, College of Life and Natural Sciences on Panopto lecture recording



Copyright Guidelines for Lecture Recording

JISC Legal website.

Jewitt, K. (2015). Connecting Students with Customized Technology Solutions

How to add automatically generated captions to Panopto recordings

General Enquiries

IT and AV support contact IT Service Centre

Email: ITServiceCentre@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 1234

For training and advice on using lecture recording (Panopto)

Email: TEL@derby.ac.uk

Phone: 01332 591865