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Personal tutoring

“An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot” Thomas Paine

A Personal Tutor takes an active interest in the personal and professional development of an individual student and proactively and effectively intervenes to encourage engagement, personal development, attainment, and the realisation of potential.

Working in partnership with tutees, personal tutors encourage and support students in reflecting upon and monitoring progress, action planning, and in the development and maintenance of motivation and confidence.

Familiar with or closely connected to a student’s programme of studies, personal tutors provide a consistent source of guidance and advice about university systems and processes including supportive referral to other services when appropriate.

Whilst personal tutors do provide an important and responsive role in supporting students in difficulty, the personal tutoring process is by no means a purely demand-led or support-based process. Personal tutors introduce challenge and focus on enabling strategies designed to support effective personal and academic development.

Recognising the diversity of practice across university disciplines and subject areas, defined flexibility in the implementation of personal tutoring is recognised as key to effective practice. 

Further guidance

Further information about the principles and practice about effective personal tutoring is available or view our PDF on Personal Tutoring at at UoD.

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