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Empower your students - Using CPD

Wednesday, 11 November at 12pm - 1pm

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Empowering students is not the same as abdicating control of your classroom. The Journal of Educational Leadership defines student empowerment as “student ownership of learning.” Using continual professional development as a conduit to empowerment can drive student focus and satisfaction.

Handing over ownership and responsibility to the student not only personalises their university experience it gives the student pportunities to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. They can see how and where they can add value, whilst also having the opportunity to recognise personality traits, attitudes, to learning and confidence. By creating an environment where the student’s effort will impact not only their future, but others empowers, motivates, improves engagement and attainment.

It is suggested the fastest way to empower students is to make their work matter in the real world, their world, something that is personal to the individual student. The aim of this workshop is to support you to help students ognize the tremendous power they can have, even while they are still students.

Relevant dimensions of the UKPSF

A1, A5, K2, V2, V4

Session Facilitator

Jo Drummond Child

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