Sam's scholarship story video transcript

Hi my name is Sam, I'm a third year student at the University of Derby and today I'm going to be telling you more about my scholarship journey.

I remember the first time I opened up the email from the University that I'd secured the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship. I was beyond amazed, beyond belief. I mean at first I went to the extreme of thinking that someone is playing a really sick joke and just had to be a prank.

As I started to realise that this was actually true, this was actually what was happening - I remember just going into such a state of gratitude and it was just such an amazing state of mind.

I mean I was grateful to god that he had blessed me with this once in a lifetime opportunity and just having that overwhelming sense of relief that finally my family could be financially cushioned from having to pay my tuition for the first year and even just grateful towards my family as well. I mean my family had egged me on so much you know, just keep on pushing, keep on working towards your goals - just be your best.

Just being so grateful to that and the University as well - I mean the University had essentially given me this stamp of approval and said 'we see something in you, we believe in you, we want you to start your university journey on such high note.' Having someone else believe in you this before you believe in yourself has been a great benefit to me because it has made me see that you know sometimes just believe in yourself - take that shot because now I say you miss 100 of the shots you don't take. Just do it.

So just make sure that you work towards the best grades you can possibly get - just make sure that you just portray yourself in the best light possible and just keep the hope alive you know, just take that shot - apply.

Sam's scholarship story video

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