Professor Susan Hogan

Susan Hogan

Position: Professor in Cultural Studies and Art Therapy and College Research Development Lead

College: College of Health and Social Care

Department: Therapeutic Practice

Subject area: Therapeutic Practice

Research Centre: Health and Social Care Research Centre

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Professor in Cultural Studies & Art Therapy

Head of Postgraduate Research Studies, Scholarship & Research Strategy Co-ordinator, College of Health & Social Care.
Research Development Lead, College of Health & Social Care Research Centre.
Co-Research Director – College of Health & Social Care Research Centre.

Teaching responsibilities

I am a supervisor at MA and PhD levels. I supervise academic work in the following broad areas:

  • Artistic (studio based)work;
  • History of medicine;
  • Culture and illness/health;
  • The body and society;
  • Representations of illness (including some work in the area of 'visual culture');
  • Gender, feminism and mental health treatments;
  • Women's issues: body, sexuality, self-esteem, ageing;
  • The history of psychiatry and therapy;
  • The relationship between the arts and insanity and the role of the arts in rehabilitation;
  • Visual arts-based research/creative research methods;
  • Ante-natal care; motherhood; post-natal depression (and the use of the arts as a support tool);
  • The arts as therapy - art, drama, dance-movement, photo therapy, and music therapy.

I serve as module leader of 'Service & Practice Development' (the independent scholarship development module for the Doctor of Health & Social Care Practice, PrD) in which students select and refine their research methods, develop their research protocols and prepare for ethical clearance. I also contribute to the MA art therapy theory module, and the Independent Scholarship module of the MA in Art Therapy.

Professional interests

Publication and Grant Reviewer

  • Art Therapy. The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association;
  • The Arts & Humanities Research Board (AHRB);
  • Berghahn Books (visual anthropology series);
  • The British Psychological Society;
  • Drug & Alcohol Review.
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC);
  • Journal of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs (APSAD);
  • Gender & Society;
  • The Leverhulme Trust;
  • Journal of Sociology;
  • National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM);
  • RANNIS: The Icelandic Centre for Research, Reykjavik;
  • Routledge (Mental Health);
  • Visual Anthropology.

Research interests

I have research interests in the history of medicine. I have written extensively on the relationship between the arts, insanity, and the role of the arts in rehabilitation. I am also very interested in the treatment of women within psychiatry and maternity care. Recent work is ESRC funded, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, Department of Sociological Studies, which is looking at representions of older women. The aim of this study is to use the creative arts to negotiate and challenge images of ageing and explore their contribution to participatory approaches to research in social gerontology. The study will ask how media and cultural representations of older people have conveyed ideas and expectations about age and gender. The aims are to: enable older women drawn from different community settings to create their own images of ageing using a variety of visual and textual methods; explore the relationship between cultural and creative activity and later life well-being; reflect upon the contribution of visual 'real life methods' to participatory processes; demonstrate the contribution of arts and humanities to critical gerontology; enhance recognition, by policy makers and the wider public, of the authority, wisdom and productivity of older women.

Recent research funding has been to look at representations of older women using visual research methods. For more on this project see: The ESRC made a short film: about this collaborative research project: Monday's Child is Fair of Face. Economic and Social Research Council

Other recent collaborative research: Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery: Connecting Communities for Mental Health & Well-Being (AHRC Communities, Cultures, Health & Wellbeing Research Grants, Cross-council Programme). Consortia Bid of 1.5 million (co-investigator and stream lead) from 1/5/2013 (AHRC grant ref. AH/K003364/1). The Birth Project is using participatory arts to explore birthing from the perspectives of mothers and birth professionals. Please see the link for further details and outputs:

The Birth Project

Membership of professional bodies

Professional Registration

  • Health Professions Council (HPC) Art Therapist. Registration number AS.00214.
  • Australian National Art Therapy Association.
  • Art Therapist. AATR. Registration number P19900S-015.

Current Memberships

Professorial Fellow, Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.

Royal Society for Public Health Special Interest Group Steering Group Member: Arts, Health & Wellbeing (which is also proposed as serving an advisory function for the All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry on Arts Health and Wellbeing).

Other memberships

  • Arts, Health & Wellbeing Network, UK.
  • Association for Medical Humanities.
  • British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). 
  • Centre for Research into Arts Therapies, Advisory Committee Member. Imperial College, London.
  • Forum for Research Through the Arts. Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CRASSH). Cambridge University.
  • ICAPT: International Centre for Arts Therapies Training in Mental Health. Central & North West London NHS Trust.
  • International Health Humanities Network.
  • International Society for Cultural History.
  • International Visual Sociology Association.
  • National Alliance for Arts Health & Wellbeing.
  • University of Warwick, Centre for the History of Medicine. Associate Member.
  • Visual Studies Group, University of Sheffield.


Undergraduate qualifications

  • BA (Hons) Drawing and Painting, Edinburgh College of Arts

Postgraduate qualifications

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy, University of Hertfordshire
  • MA Degree in Arts Administration, City University London
  • MA in Social Science Research Methods with distinction*, Sheffield Hallam University

*Winner of the best overall performance award

Research qualifications

  • PhD in Cultural History, University of Aberdeen

Recent publications

I have written extensively on the relationship between the arts and insanity, and the role of the arts in rehabilitation, particularly in relation to the position of women.


  • Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy (as editor, 1997);
  • Healing Arts: The History of Art Therapy (2001);
  • Gender Issues in Art Therapy (as editor, 2003);
  • Conception Diary: Thinking About Pregnancy & Motherhood (2006);
  • Revisiting Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy (as editor, 2012);
  • The Introductory Guide to Art Therapy (with Coulter, 2014);
  • Art Therapy Theories: A Critical Overview (2015).

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Recent) 

  • Hogan S. (commissioned chapter). Working Across Disciplines: Using Visual Methods in Participatory Frameworks in S. Pink (ed.). Theoretical Scholarship and Applied Practice. London: Sage.
  • Hogan, S. “Age is Just a Number Init”. Interrogating Perceptions of Ageing Women within Social Gerontology. Women’s Studies. An Interdisciplinary Journal (accepted and forthcoming).
  • Hogan, S. 2015. Interrogating Women’s Experience of Ageing - Reinforcing or Challenging Clichés? The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review Vol. 9. pp. 1-18. ISSN: 1833-1866. (This essay won their annual prize).
  • Hogan, S. 2015. Mothers Make Art: Using Participatory Art to Explore the Transition to Motherhood. Journal of Applied Arts & Health Vol. 6 (1) pp. 23-32. ISSN: 20402457 (print).
  • Hogan, S. 2015. Lost in Translation? Inter-Cultural Exchange in C, E. Myers & Brooke, S. L. (eds.) Therapists Creating a Cultural Tapestry Using the Creative Therapies Across Cultures. Springfield, Il: Charles C. Thomas. pp.11-25. ISBN: 978-0-398-08128-7.  
  • Hogan, S., Baker, C., Cornish, S., McCloskey, P. (2015) The Birth Project: Exploring Pregnancy, Birth and the Transition to Motherhood Using Participatory Arts in Burton, N. (ed.) Birth & its Meaning: Representations of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting. Canada: Demeter Press.
  • Hogan, S. 2014. Lost in Translation? Inter-Cultural Exchange in Art Therapy in C, E. Myers & Brooke, S. L. (eds.) Creative Arts Across Cultures. Springfield, Il: Charles C. Thomas.
  • Hogan, S. & Warren, L. 2013. Women’s Inequality: A Global Problem Explored in Participatory Arts. International Perspectives on Research-Guided Practice in Community-Based Arts in Health. Special Issue UNESCO Observatory Vol. 3. Issue 3. pp.1-27.Hogan, S. & Cornish, S. 2014. Unpacking Gender in Art Therapy: The elephant at the art therapy easel. International Journal of Art Therapy: Formerly Inscape. Vol. 19. 122–134. 
  • Hogan, S. 2013. Your Body is a Battleground: Women and Art Therapy. The Arts in Psychotherapy. Special Issue on Gender & the Creative Arts Therapies. Vol. 40 (4) Sept. pp.415-419.
  • Hogan, S. 2013. Peripheries & Borders. Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Research. Inscape: International Journal of Art Therapy. June. pp.1-8. ISSN: 1745-4832 (Paper) 1745-4840 (Online).
  • Hogan, S. and Warren, L. 2012. Dealing With Complexity in Research Findings: How do Older Women Negotiate & Challenge Images of Ageing? Journal of Women & Ageing.Volume 24, issue 4 winter 2012. pp.329-350.
  • Hogan, S. 2012. Post-modernist but Not Post-feminist! A Feminist Post-modernist Approach to Working with New Mothers in Burt, H. (ed.) Creative Healing Through a Prism. Art Therapy and Postmodernism. London: Jessica Kingsley. pp.70-82.
  • Hogan, S. 2012. Ways in which Photographic & Other Images are Used in Research: An Introductory Overview. Inscape: International Journal of Art Therapy. ISSN: 1745-4832 (Paper) 1745-4840 (Online). Vol. 17. Issue 2. July. pp.54-62.
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  • Pink, S., Hogan, S. & Bird, J. 2011. Intersections & Inroads: Art Therapy’s Contribution to Visual Methods. Inscape: International Journal of Art Therapy, ISSN: 1745-4832 (Paper) 1745-4840 (Online). Vol.16 (1) June. pp.14-19.
  • Hogan, S. 2011. Images of Broomhall, Sheffield. Urban Violence & Using the Arts as a Research Aid. Visual Anthropology. Vol. 24 (5) May-June. 266-280 Routledge. Print ISSN: 0894-9468 Online ISSN: 1545-5920Hogan, S. 2010 in Wood, C. (ed.) Navigating Art Therapy. A Therapist’s Companion. I contributed entries on ‘feminist art therapy’; ‘reductive interpretation’ and ‘post-modernism’. London: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-22319-5
  • Hogan, S. & Pink, S. 2010 Routes to Interiorities: Art Therapy, Anthropology & Knowing in Anthropology. Visual Anthropology. Routledge. Vol. 23. (2) pp. 158-174. Print ISSN: 0894-9468 Online ISSN: 1545-5920.Hogan, S. 2009. The Art Therapy Continuum: An Overview of British Art Therapy Practice. Inscape: International Journal of Art Therapy. Vol. 12 (1) June. pp. 29-37. ISSN: 1745-4832 (Paper) 1745-4840 (Online).Hogan, S. 2009. A Brief History of Art Therapy in Scotland. International Arts Therapies Journal (Online). Vol. 8. 2009/10. ISSN: 1476-2900.Hogan, S. 2008. The Beestings: Rethinking Breast-Feeding Practices, Maternity Rituals, & Maternal Attachment in Britain & Ireland. Journal of International Women’s Studies (JIWS). Vol. 10. No. 2. November. pp.141-160 ISSN: 1539-8706.Hogan, S. 2008. Angry Mothers in Liebmann, M. (ed.) Art Therapy & Anger. London: Jessica Kingsley Press. ISBN: 978-1-84310-425-4.

Recent conferences

Recent Conference Papers and Guest Lecturing

  • Sept 15  ECARTE (European Consortium for Arts Therapies). Making Meaning and Contesting Clichéd Visual Representations of Motherhood: Towards Greater Diversity. 16-19/9.
  • June 15  Centre for Gender Research, Sheffield University, ICOSS. Invited speaker. Gendered Methods Event. Exploring the Transition to Motherhood Using Visual Methods. 30.06.15.
  • June 15  Motherhood & Culture. International & Interdisciplinary Conference. Maynooth University, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Motherhood & Visual Culture: Mothers Make Art. 17.06.15
  • Apr 15   Maternal Subjectivities. Psychology/Psychoanalysis, Literature & the Arts. Case Internazionale Delle Donne, Roma. International Premier Film Showing of The Birth Project Art Elicitation Group Story  and paper Twin Boys My Least Preferred Choice: Child Loss, Self-identity, Sexuality and Motherhood 23-24.4.15.
  • Mar 15   Talking Bodies – Identity, Sexuality & Representation. University of Chester. Plenary: Mothers Make Art. 1.4.15.
  • Nov 14  Gendering Happiness. The University of Hull Centre for Gender Studies. Paper: The Tyranny of Expectations of Post-Natal Delight26.11.
  • Sept 14  Sharpening The View of Art Therapy in the 21st Century. Symposium, The Cantonial Psychiatric Clinic, Wil, Switzerland. Keynote Speaker. Visions for the Future of Art Therapy: Innovations in Theory, Methodology & Research & Workshop.
  • June 14  University of Newcastle Visual Insights. Paper. Birthing Identities: Visual Explorations. 26/6.
  • May 14   Mothers, Mothering And Motherhood From Ancient To Contemporary Times Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI). Athens, Greece. Hellenic Education & Research Center (HERC) May 23-24, 2014. Exploring Birthing Identities: Transitions to Motherhood.
  • Dec 13   Centre for Social Futures (SoFu), The Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham. Creative Practice for Mutual Recovery Introduction and Film viewing. 6/12/13.
  • Oct 13   Off The Shelf Festival of Words. Ideas Live. Images of Ageing (with Dr Lorna Warren) The Showroom. 31/10/13.
  • Oct 13   From Moral Treatment to Psychological Therapies: Psychotherapeutics From the York Retreat to the Present Day. UCL Centre for the History of Psychological Disciplines. Keynote Lecture: The History of Art Therapy. 11-13.10.13.
  • Sept13   Art in the Asylum. Keynote Lecture on Edward Adamson. Djanogly Art Gallery, University of Nottingham. 11.9.13.
  • July 13    International Visual Sociology Association. Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. Visual Methods. Interrogating & Resisting Misogynistic and Discriminatory Representations of Women in Older Age. 08.07.13
  • July 13    Connected Communities Showcase, Edinburgh (AHRC) Creative Practice as Mutual Recovery. Visual Methodologies. 2013. Premier Film Viewing. 4.07.13
  • June 13  Culture, Health & Wellbeing Conference, Bristol. Representing Self Representing Ageing. Paper 25.06.2013.
  • June 13  Feminist & Women’s Studies Association. Nottingham University. Frailty, Thy Name is Woman! Resistance to Misogynistic and Discriminatory Representations of Women in Older Age. University of Nottingham 22.06.2013.
  • May 13   Arts & Sciences Researcher Forum, Research in the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge. The Representing Self Representing Ageing Project. 17.05.13.
  • Mar. 13  University of Derby Annual Research Conference. An Impact Case Study for the REF: Representations of Gender in Contemporary Britain. Film Screening Look at Me! Project Film.

Additional interests and activities

Clinical Interests

I am a Health Professions Council Registered art therapist, and I have supervisor status with BAAT, and substantial clinical experience as an art therapist. Until recently, I was involved in clinical practice supervising art therapists who work in adult psychiatry & CMHS. My specialist clinical areas are in sexual abuse, post-natal adjustment, and adult psychiatry. I have conducted work with pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, offering art therapy to give support to women and an opportunity for them to explore their changed sense of self-identity and sexuality as a result of pregnancy and motherhood. I have published extensively on this topic.

International experience

Professor Susan Hogan has an international reputation in the field of the arts and health.

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