Paul Staples

Position: Senior Lecturer in Psychology

College: College of Life & Natural Sciences

Department: Life Sciences

Subject area: Psychology

Research Centre: Centre for Psychological Research

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I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. I have been teaching psychology for the past 19 years, initially at the University of
Manchester, then at Staffordshire University and from 2006 here at the University of Derby.

Teaching responsibilities

I teach across all levels of the UG Psychology curriculum. My teaching areas are Cognitive Psychology (Memory and Visual Perception), Parapsychology (Anomalous Cognition) and Research Methods and Statistics. As well as supervising final year UG research projests I am also Director of Studies for two PhD students conducting research into various aspects of maths anxiety and I am also the second supervisor on an PhD project looking at paranormal belief.

Professional interests

I am currently the external examiner for the online BSc (Hons) Psychology programme at the University of The Highlands and Islands (Inverness).

Research interests

My research interests currently revolve around the following areas; maths anxiety (the role of working memory and the neurological correlates of maths anxiety), children’s eating behaviours (developmental food neophobia) and false memory (the relationship between false memory and paranormal belief).

Recent publications

  • F. Maratos & P.A Staples (2015). Attentional biases towards familiar and unfamiliar foods in children. The role of food neophobia. Appetite (91) 220-5
  • Baker, I. S., Schofield, M. B., & Staples, P. (2014). Book review: Education in parapsychology - student and instructor perspectives by Harvey J. Irwin, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 78.4, 917, 240-241.
  • T.M. Dovey, V.K. Aldridge, W. Dignan, P.A. Staples, E.L. Gibson. & .J.C.G. Halford (2012). Developmental differences in sensory decision making involved in deciding to try a novel fruit. The British Journal of Health Psychology DOI: 10.1111
  • T.M. Dovey, P.A. Staples, E.L. Gibson. & J.C.G. Halford (2008). Food Neophobia and Picky/Fussy Eating: A Review. Appetite 50(2-3), 181-193.
  • T.M. Dovey, T. Taylor, M. Das Gupta, P.A. Staples, J.C.G. Halford (2008) Developmental changes in food categorisation Appetitie, 51 (3), 757
  • Staples, P.A., Silber, K.P. and Okuleye, Y. (2008) Staff Views of Online Learning: Implications for the Blended Approach. PLAT. Bath.

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