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James Mitchell

Senior Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science


Outdoor and Adventure Sport


College of Science and Engineering


School of Human Sciences


Buxton Campus



I am a Senior Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Exercise Science. My teaching specialisms focus specifically on outdoor education, leadership and coach education. My job role puts me in a privileged position of being able to explore the theoretical aspects of outdoor education and leadership/management in a practical learning environment. As an active and passionate Mountaineering Instructor, I am able to work with our students to develop their personal skill development in rock climbing and mountaineering-related activities, whether it be on the wide variety of gritstone edges available locally in the Peak District, or the mountain crags of North Wales or ice climbing in Norway. It is a great source of professional satisfaction to see our students developing into competent outdoor educators/coaches in their own right and pursuing successful careers in the outdoor field.

Teaching responsibilities

I am currently the module leader for Risk Management in Adventure, Leadership of the Adventure Experience, approaches to programme Leadership and Management, and Management of the Adventure Experience.

Professional interests

I have been a passional climber/mountaineer for the past 25-years, climbing all over the world. I enjoy all disciplines of climbing- trad, sport, ice, alpine, big wall climbing and still get out as regularly as possible. Outside of climbing, I enjoy mountain biking, fell running, surfing, caving and basically anything that involves being in the outdoor environment.

Research interests

My research interest are currently focused on utilising eye-tracking technology to better understand the coaching process. I am currently working with top-level climbing coaches from five different national climbing teams to better understand expertise in observational analysis.

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.


Undergraduate qualifications

Postgraduate qualifications

Recent publications

Mitchell J, Maratos FA, Giles D, Taylor N, Butterworth A and Sheffield D (2020) The Visual Search Strategies Underpinning Effective Observational Analysis in the Coaching of Climbing Movement. Front. Psychol. 11:1025. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01025

Taylor, N., Giles, D., Panáˇcková, M., Panáˇcková, P., Mitchell, J., Chidley, J., et al. (2020). A novel tool for the assessment of sport climber’s movement performance. Intern. J. Sports Physiol. Perform. doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2019-0311 [Epub ahead of print].