Delivery structure 

Session 1 - Situational analysis 

Session 2 - Identifying sustained competitive advantage 

Session 3 - Developing strategic options 

Session 4 - Evaluating strategy and managing risks 

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded for completing the course 

Activities for self-paced learning 

Session 1 - Developing scenarios and identifying key drivers of change

Session 2 - Performing VRIO and competitor benchmarking

Session 3 - Using situational analysis data to identify competitive advantage and develop strategic approach

Session 4 - Using SAF framework to evaluate strategy and identify risk mitigation controls

*All sessions will be supplied with level 7 reading materials that supplement learning.

Learning outcomes

1: Delegates will be equipped with tools and techniques to gather and analyse data in order to make informed decisions.

2: Delegates will be able to identify and manage different type of risks using mitigation controls.

3: Delegates will be able to critically evaluate and identify strategies for business survival, growth and expansion.