Undertaking a Placement

For some courses you will need to complete a placement or you may opt to do one.  The location of placements can vary and you would be expected to arrange your own travel.  Some courses with clinical placements, like Nursing, will require you to work a variety of shift patterns including nights, early, late, weekends and Bank Holidays in order to experience the 24 hour cycle of care.  Some placement areas may also work a 12 hour shift pattern.

If your course has the possibility of placing you in a school setting you will be requested to complete Disqualification by Association (DBA) in addition to any other specified regulations.  DBA is a current legal requirement defined by the Childcare Act 2006.   The purpose of this to give individuals the opportunity to declare any association that they may have either by living with someone or working with someone who may be disqualified for working with children.   If you have a declaration to make for Disqualification by Association, you will be required to obtain an Ofsted Waiver by contacting Ofsted directly.

International Students please note: If you are an international student studying on a Tier 4 Student visa you can only undertake a placement that is a mandatory and assessed part of your course. If you course has a mandatory placement it will be stated as such on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).