Occupational Health Assessment

For some courses you will be required to obtain a satisfactory occupational health clearance after you choose us as your Firm choice to secure your place in advance of induction and enrolment. The process will be commenced when you complete the occupational health questionnaire which will be sent to you four months prior to the start of your course.  We will contact you with information and guidance to help you to complete this requirement.

 The term ‘clearance’ refers to successful completion of the occupational health questionnaire and any subsequent assessments in advance of course start.  All information supplied is treated confidentially and will be assessed by the occupational health nurse where then your ability to go on placement during the course will be confirmed.

 This means that, when we ask you to declare whether you have a health condition that could affect your fitness to practice, we are trusting you as a potential autonomous professional to make an informed and reasoned judgement about yourself in relation to others.

We expect you to complete the occupational health questionnaire honestly.  If you do not fully disclose a relevant health issue that could affect your fitness to practice, this could impact your place on the course.  It is important to know that making a declaration to us about any health condition is a positive action which shows you have an awareness of the possible effect of your health on your ability to practice safely and effectively.

Important: Enrolment will be withdrawn/restricted for any applicants/students who have not satisfied this requirement within 2 weeks of starting their course or less where students are expected to attend on placement straight away.