Admission by Gathered Field

Admission by Gathered Field

For some courses, the University may choose to operate a ‘gathered field’ approach for admission. 

This is usually the case where the candidate quality and the level of interest in the course exceeds the number of places available.  To make the admissions process more manageable and to ensure places are offered to the best candidates, a gathered field will be introduced.

Gathered Field - The Process


An application deadline is set which will be strictly adhered to.  Applications will be considered for interview short-listing as they are received.  Those short-listed will subsequently be invited to attend an interview. 

There will be a limited number of interview dates and if an applicant is unable to attend a specific date/time, where possible an alternative will be offered.  However, as part of the gathered field, so as not to delay decision-making, there may not be any alternative dates available.  On this basis if an applicant cannot attend, their application will not be processed any further.  This will automatically be the case if applicant is invited to an interview and does not attend.

Considering your application

After all interviewing has been completed, the academic team will set a selection meeting where each  application and performance at interview will be considered for an offer of a place in line with the number of places available.  No indication of any applicant’s performance will be given prior to this process taking place.

As an example, if a course were to open for applications on 1 September with an application deadline of 21 December, an applicant could receive a date to attend interview within this period or shortly after the application deadline.  The academic team would hold a selection meeting after all interviews have taken place.  The final decision would be communicated to applicants once this meeting has taken place.

The Outcome

As part of this selection meeting, some applicants will be offered a place, some will be unsuccessful and some may be placed on a waiting list.  A waiting list may be operated to have the ability to make offers, should a place become available.  This could happen if an applicant is no longer able to take up a place or where the course is able to increase its cohort size.  If there is an insufficient waiting list, then the course may be opened again for new applications.

Candidates placed on a waiting list may not receive further communication either until a place arises or where we are eventually able to finalise our recruitment on the course and therefore we can confirm no places are available.  Due to the changeable nature of the admissions process, this could occur at any point up until the course starts.

Applicants who do not make the short-list for interview or who are invited to interview and do not attend will be contacted straight away to inform them that their application is unable to continue. 

All applicants who attend interview will be given a decision (offer/unsuccessful/waiting list) soon after the selection meeting has taken place.  The decision made by the academic team is final. 


In a gathered field model, deferral of an application or place is not possible i.e. moving your application/offer to be considered for the next intake.  This means even if an applicant has received an offer but can no longer take up the place, or where an applicant has been placed on a waiting list but a place is not available – a new application would need to be submitted in the following cycle for the next intake.  This would therefore mean being re-interviewed, etc. 

The University reserves the right to change entry criteria year to year, therefore if you are re-applying, it is important to be aware of any relevant changes.