Statement on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics

1. Purpose/Abstract 

The University Statement on the Responsible Use of Metrics is intended to: 

 2. Introduction 

The University of Derby values the diverse and excellent communities of academics and students across the University who contribute to the Innovation and Research Strategy 2020 - 2026. It is therefore critical that information used to assess and monitor research activity is used appropriately by the University. 

The University of Derby is committed to the critical role that peer review and expert judgements plays in the assessment of research, while taking into account the important role that quantitative metrics (bibliometrics and altmetrics) plays in complementing and supporting decision-making. The University also recognises the important role that metrics have in facilitating research and improving research visibility and impact. 

The University acknowledges that no quantitative data source(s) alone can provide a complete measure of research quality or activity. The University Statement on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics is a guide to responsible research assessment using metrics, which are based primarily on the recommendations of the Leiden Manifesto (Hicks et al. 2015). The ten Leiden Principles take a broad approach to the responsible use of metrics across a range of disciplines, including arts, humanities and social science. However, in putting a University of Derby focus on these principles the recommendations of the Metric Tide (Wilsdon et al. 2015), the Hong Kong Principles (Moher, 2020) and the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) have also been drawn upon. The first having a REF focus and the latter two an emphasis on STEM.

3. Scope

The University Statement on the Responsible Use of Metrics applies to all employees, students and visiting researchers of the University, including persons holding honorary University appointments.

This Policy is subject to the oversight of the University Innovation and Research Committee.

4. Definitions

For the purpose of this Policy:

5. Policy Statement

The principles of the University Statement on the Responsible Use of Metrics.

6. Policy Implementation

Since 2019, when Academic Board approved the University’s Responsible Metrics Statement, the Publication and Bibliometrics Working Group (a sub-Committee of UIRC) have worked to embed and monitor Institutional awareness of Responsible Metrics.  Specific activities have included:

7. Sanctions

Failure to comply with this policy should be addressed in the context of the University’s Research Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

8. Related Documentation

The current version of this Policy is available on Policy Hub

9. References