CDI & iCeGS Research conference - Demystifying Research: Encouraging curiosity

Event held on: 
Thursday 27th February 2020


Kedleston Road, Derby Campus
Kedleston Road
DE22 1GB

Who was it for?

Career Development Practitioners.

Many people see research as something undertaken by academics. However, we want to inspire all career development practitioners to develop their confidence, undertake research and develop the evidence base. We want you to celebrate your research and to talk about how this has informed your own and others practice.

What did the conference contain?

This one-day conference was esigned as an introduction to research and research approaches. It was also a platform for those undertaking research to tell us how they have gone about it and what they have found out. Delegates heard about innovative approaches to gathering, analysing and presenting data.

Keynote speakers included:

Workshops: There were three themes for the workshops

  1. Resourcing research
  2. Innovative approaches to research
  3. Using research to inform practice

Follow the links to view recordings of the sessions.

Plenary 1 

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Plenary 2