MA Art Therapy - hear from one of our Therapeutic Arts lecturers video transcript


A white ‘University of Derby’ Logo appears on a backdrop of ‘Britannia Mill’ Art Studios with a blue sky and passing clouds above.

A male appears on screen stood in an art gallery full of hanging artwork and pieces on display.

Black text slides onto screen reading “Adem Peach – Lecturer, School of Therapeutic Arts”.

“The Masters in Art Therapy is a two-year clinical training and during that time students work here in the studio developing their own artistic practice and really beginning,

Different black and white prints are pinned to white screen gallery walls, sculptures are on display on small tables.

to think about media and artistic process,

Another set of prints, in colour, are on display on different white screen gallery walls along with a natural sunlight window allowing light in, a wooden art display and a honey-comb-esque sphere.

and what that might offer,

A white table with a red and white checkered table cover has been set with elements of food, behind it is a shelf full of different plants pots, different pastel coloured hanging designs and a black and white tree root drawing.

in terms of therapeutic benefits,

Adem Peach talks on screen.

or how that interacts in their clinical work. They start to think with tutors around the meanings of their making and really get a sense of the experience of artistic identity and how that interacts with therapeutic work.”

A big studio space with different artistic designs displays big paint pieces, small miscellaneous art and A3 sized drawings.

“This studio space is really really beneficial,

A beige teddy with a red bow hangs from the wall, a TV showing moving image sits behind it as well as a series of small, coloured prints, a black and white drawing of a lady and two shelfs.

so students are able to work within their own capacity within their own space,

A wide of the studio space showing the curve shaped ceiling, shining lights, floor displays and black and white photography and black line work.

and really unpack

Close Up: A honeycomb-esque design.

Media materials and that’s really key in art psychotherapy,

A pink and red figure stands tall on a podium.

Adem Peach talks on screen.

because art therapy is about using the art to communicate as well as words so when words aren’t really enough to articulate what people are experience that’s when media and processes come into that.”

Black and white and colour texture designs hang from the wall across a spread, next to them hangs a wooden beam holding many yellow and green trinkets.

So students have this space, we have excellent resource,

White walls are filled with artwork of flowers and a yellow sketch of a figure.

not only just here up at the top

Framed artwork is on the wall appreciating the female body and figure, other 3D models stand on podiums.

Of Britannia Mill but across the whole of the School of Arts,

Adem Peach talks on screen.

where we can really get a sense of lots of different materials, processes, use of metals, woods, prints, fabrics, photography there’s also a media lab so we have lots and lots of resources

Close Up: Black and white print of a lady on woven material and a green mandala design on another.

for us to explore their creativity,

Close Up: Orangey-brown dried clay shapes on a white podium.

and the art side of the psychotherapy,

Adem Peach talks on screen.

as well as all the other elements of the course.

A black screen appears, and a white ‘University of Derby’ Logo appears.

Beneath the University of Derby Logo reads “”.


Video fades out.


MA Art Therapy - hear from one of our Therapeutic Arts lecturers video

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