Transitional Spaces: MA Art Therapy exhibition video transcript

[Music plays]

An external shot of Britannia Mill building.

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[TRANSITIONAL SPACES, Artworks by MA Art Therapy graduates]

Camera pans around the exhibition space.

Lots of planet shaped sculptures hang suspended from the ceiling.

A close up of a purple, blue, green and yellow abstract painting hung on a wall.

The camera looks through some black curtains at a neon blue effect on the wall.

A black t shirt with a white image hangs on the wall next to some wooden slats and white ripped material in an abstract shape.

A close up of a wooden frame with paper wrapped in lots of thin twisting shapes.

A very large pink, yellow and green canvas hangs on the wall.

Crocheted flowers in pastel colours are displayed in a wave along the wall above a grandfather clock.

Close up of an ornate gold chandelier style lamp with a female sculpture as the base that is covered in pastel crocheted flowers.

Three paintings of butterflies in bright colours on black backgrounds in white frames hang on the wall.

Natural materials have been used to create leaf-like sculptures that suspend on wire from a branch hanging from the ceiling.

A thin brown ladder stands up suspended in mid-air.

A close up of a black 3D box frame made of thorny looking material suspends from the ceiling by a chain next to a white 3D box frame made of thorny looking material that stands on a black base on a white plinth.

A close up of a brown 3D box frame made of thorny looking material with a black ball situated inside it sit on a white shelf.

A close up of a white model of a house.

Planetary shapes on a mobile suspend from the ceiling.

Large format black and white landscape prints are hung on the wall with bulldog clips.

A close up of a projector projecting a sepia image on the wall.

Various tactile items form part of the exhibition including a canvas bag suspended from the ceiling, a hanging banner made from ripped paper, plaster feet sculptures hang on the wall in a diagonal line and a small square tote bag with brown stitching sits open on a white plinth.

Close up of the plaster feet sculptures and a large square of feet imprints.

Close up of a clay bowl with a pattern faintly inscribed.

Close up of three paintings in yellow, blue and green.

Two large linen sheets printed with brown abstract patterns hang from the ceiling.

Close up of some ceramics with foliage painted on them hang on a wall either side of a pale pink background with a black sketch of an abstract body shape.

A disembodied sculpture of a female body made from plaster hangs suspended in a large brown hoop on the wall with multi-coloured pastel wool tying the body to the hoop.

A bright blue shiny ceramic block carved with a pattern sits on a white plinth.

A teapot and cup made from glazed white ceramic with a beige base to both of them sit on a white plinth.

Resting on white paper on a shiny brown industrial floor lay 6 cork tiles with fire damage creating a shape.

A glass food covering vessel with a handle sits over some black fire damaged material and ashes on a white plinth.

Taking up one room in the exhibition space are some large brightly coloured reems of wool hanging from the ceiling in front of a cardboard circular structure on the wall.

A textured piece of artwork on the wall made up of three layers, a large blue layer with a smaller red layer in front and an even smaller white layer at the front.

A large wall hanging made from wool and natural materials.

A wooden slat nails an abstract and chaotic colourful portrait picture to the wall.

Very large format white sheets of paper with black abstract circular pictures hang on the wall and suspended by the ceiling.

The tour takes us back through the exhibition and past the first sculpture.

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Transitional Spaces: MA Art Therapy exhibition video

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