MA Art Therapy James Ventre's experience video transcript

A white ‘University of Derby’ logo appears on a background of blue sky and a building.  

A studio space is shown with hanging planetary sculptures suspended from the ceiling and artwork on the walls. 
James starts to speak. 

“I'm currently sat in Britannia Mill which is where we house all the studios.”

James is shown on screen talking, he has pink short hair and a brown beard, he’s wearing an earring in his left ear and a large hoop earring in his right ear. James is sitting in front of a vibrant pink piece of artwork in the studio space wearing a denim shirt and dungarees which are covered in paint marks. He is sat on a chair with one of his legs tucked under the other and his hands are clasped. 

Black text slides onto screen reading “James Ventre – MA Art Therapy student”.  

“The studio space is really important, it allows you to engage with the image making in a way that you can take forward into your clinical practice”

Black text slides off screen. 

Close up of James.

“it's something that is really important as an arts therapist thinking that you are exploring your own way of making imagery.”

Artwork is shown as a walkthrough around the studio. 

“It means that when you're working with clients you can help them through that process because you've been through that process yourself.”

Close up of James. 

“I think it's something that's really, it really helped me to think that I wanted to study at Derby knowing that the image”

Artwork is shown as a walkthrough around the studio including large format black and white abstract paintings and some pastel crocheted flowers on a wall. Various sculptures are shown on screen.

“and the process of making was something that was really focused on, really central and you can kind of see that now and that we have an exhibition at the end focusing on all of our images and the process of making and really allows us to explicate that process and allow other people to see that. As an arts therapist, the image is of central importance and I think that needs to not be minimised which is why it is amazing that we have a show in such a lovely studio space.”

Artwork is shown as a walkthrough around the studio including blue and white paintings pegged to the wall and a ladder suspended from the ceiling.

James is seen sitting down in the studio. 

“I think another really important aspect about having an exhibition is the idea of networking and as fledgling art therapists having just done a two-year course, it's really important that you have the chance to network with established art therapists and that sense of community is really important to build and foster”

Artwork is shown in the studio including a black and pink abstract tall sculpture on a plinth, a blue ceramic tall rectangular object with floral markings and a green and orange oil painting on a white and navy piece of striped fabric. 

“and I think that having an exhibition is a really good space to nourish that and to bring that into my own network as a new art therapist. I came to art therapy from a fine art background, I remember feeling really lost when I finished my undergrad because I'm an oil painter by background and I just remember thinking well what will I do with this.”

A painting of a beach with palm trees and blue sky is shown. 

“When I found art therapy it allowed me to see my practice in a different way, in a way that I could help other people and I came to realise that my own practice was therapeutic for myself before I even understood what art therapy was so doing this course really allowed me to understand what I was trying to communicate in my work”

James’ large canvas is shown on a white wall. It’s pink with blues and greens in abstract shapes. 

“and I think that process” 

A small oil painting on a red paisley piece of fabric is shown. 

James is seen sitting down in the studio. 

“being able to stay with that for two years is extremely intense and at points it's really overwhelming but it's probably been the most fruitful education that I've gone through and I think that I've learned so much more about  myself and my own practice that I can now help other people with it's felt very enriching and I would encourage anyone who feels a bit lost in their art practice maybe to think about what their art practice means for them”

Planetary sculptures are shown suspended from the ceiling. A plaster cast of feet is shown on a white background. 

“and whether they could use that process to help other people.” 

Various pieces of art are shown in the studio space. 

“It's something I would say to prospective students is just to think about who will be supporting you throughout the journey and I found the teaching staff here ridiculously supportive, they offer lots of clinical experience and just lots of personal support, feels very person-centred  and they've really helped me through my journey.”  
Black Screen with a white ‘University of Derby’ logo appears. 
Beneath the University of Derby logo reads “”. 
Video fades out. 

MA Art Therapy James Ventre's experience video

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