MSc Sustainable and Ethical Business Management video transcript

So, the programme is a Masters in Sustainable and Ethical Business Management.

And it's been designed, specifically, for businesses and business leaders.

The aim of the programme is to integrate environmental sustainability

and social responsibility into the DNA of the business.

Now, the reason why that's so important, is that we're at a time where we have a global

convergence of crisis.

So, we have global warming, and, whilst there is a growing list of countries
that have committed to getting to net zero, in terms of carbon, the latest IPCC report has shown that
we're actually moving towards one and a half degrees much more quicker than anticipated.

On top of that, we are in the sixth mass extinction of species, and we have exceeded four of the nine
planetary boundaries.

So, for businesses, the real message about this programme is we're at a time where we need to course-correct.

We're in a very narrow window of time,and this decade is called The Decisive Decade of Action.

So, we're at a threshold point, and we need to change the trajectory that we're on.

And that's why we designed the programme.

So that it would help businesses make that transition,
quicker, faster and more effectively.

What's unique about the programme, is that we are taking into account

that sustainability and social responsibility has to be an integrated lens through the whole of the business, so we look at the whole business.

We look at your strategy, how to make that strategy sustainable.

You will look at how to build your leadership and how to lead that sustainability change within your organisation.

And then, practically, how, as an organisation, do we do this?

Well, we look at how to integrate these principles into operations, marketing, finance and accounting, and also,
workforce, what you do within your own organisation.

The other thing that's unique about the programme is, as well as being a holistic approach, it's trans-disciplinary.

And this is very key for being able to be effective in terms of change.

You're not just getting business management expertise, you're looking at that from environmental
sciences, from engineering, from law, from psychology.

So this brings together a much more holistic curriculum in how to deal with this.

It's also work-based learning, and that's so important, because the programme itself is a vehicle for change.

You can implement and start implementing change and innovation in your organisation, as you work through the programme.

Because all of our curriculum and assignments are customised to be directly implemented into your workplace,
into your role, into reviewing your own organisation's practices, any business today needs to reposition itself.

And integrate sustainability and social responsibility, as part of their key values and practice, across the whole of the business.

So, who is this for? Well, this is for mid to senior professionals who have the mandate to be able to make sustainable
and social responsible change within their organisation.

So, it really is for those people who feel a calling to make this transition, and who want to embrace this,
not as a reactivity to the crisis,but as a way to re-envision a better future.

MSc Sustainable and Ethical Business Management video

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