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This is the first time that there's been an exhibition as part of the masters and it's been such an important part of our development as artists. It teaches you to be far more critical and to walk and think about the things that you're doing rather than just running from one project to the next. This piece of work is about my relationship with my family this is my way of creating a connection between us and also finding a way of seeing our memories and see how they link up with my own experiences and what I'm experiencing. My work has a very ethereal look to it where you walk into a room and everything is dark and usually they have crystals in the way where they're reflecting small bits of memories in everyday life and having all of those come together in the room is sort of like seeing a memory stored away in a box.

My work has developed to be about authority and authenticity and authorship so I'm really playing with notions of fact and reality and truth and trickery. I've discovered things about my practice and develop my practice in a way that I really wasn't expecting and that's been great.

So my work attempts to document the markings of Old Basford. It's a sub cultural practice where people will communicate with each other through marking an area. I was looking at typography I was also looking at visual communicators so taking really really small things that people weren't paying attention to weren't appreciating and just passing by and then giving them that sense of importance.

During the second half of the part-time masters we amalgamated with the fine art students so it meant that photography students and fine art students were studying together and I really appreciated their perspective and it broadened my horizons in terms of what you can do with photography.

The BA taught me the fundamentals of graphic design and how to be a successful designer but the MA pushes you more towards focusing on one thing and really thinking about the complex theories around things and being in depth with your work.

So it's been exciting to me to discover that I can combine photography and text and philosophy and everything that I'm passionate about and I want to do a bit more of that. The work has formed an important part of my a few years and I hope to continue this work carry on documenting and showing the same passion for any future projects. Really difficult to sum up the last two years but I guess for me it's been one of growing confidence, integration, laughter and accomplishment.

What our student say video

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