The programme will be a core driver of your personal and professional development. You will gain outstanding skills in research, analysis, critical and strategic thinking which will set you aside from your peers. This will serve to enhance your professional standing and open opportunities for you to progress in your professional career. This might be through using your strategic skills and research in senior leadership and management roles. Equally, you may look to become a recognised as an expert practitioner specialising in particular interventions, therapies or forms of client support.

Alternatively, following the Doctorate, you may wish to explore opportunities outside professional practice such as academic or research roles within Higher Education or research roles in other organisations and agencies.

Utilise our Careers and Employment Service​

Whilst you are a student at the University of Derby, and for 3 years after you graduate, our Careers and Employment Service can assist you with job search advice, CV creation, workshops and events, as well as one-to-one appointments with employment advisers to help with career planning and interview preparation.