Online MBA Global Finance Thobekile Ncube video transcript

Thobekile Ncube: 

It was around May when we started having electricity challenges and we were having shut downs, regular shut downs. The electricity was completely shut down at my workplace. The electricity would go at around half past 4 to 5 in the morning. I had to sleep until electricity came around 11pm. Then to rewind when you are waking up it’s not easy to study. I would start cooking and wash my dishes until I was really up by say midnight.

I would read up till about 2am, sleep again wake up in the morning and go to work. So it was quite, quite difficult road to travel. It meant a lot of work both for school, at work and in the house because you have to ensure that you have enough water, you cooked enough to last until the next electricity.

Everything under candlelight was impossible but I managed to pass and I was surprised when I saw the mark as it was the highest mark of all the modules. So I said wow after all this struggle.

It was really a tough journey but I am very grateful to Ken and Cedric for understanding my situation and bearing with me right to the end.

Online MBA Global Finance Thobekile Ncube video

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