During this MSc in Strategic Sustainability Management, you will become a skilled and thoroughly modern strategic leader and manager, who puts sustainability at the heart of every decision you make. You will gain a deep understanding of corporate sustainability and environmental impact, and be able to formulate, manage and execute sustainable business strategies in innovative and creative ways. You will have also developed sought-after expertise in internationalisation and entrepreneurship / intrapreneurship.

This combination of knowledge and skills prepares you for strategic management roles in any size of organisation and within any sector.

If you are already in work, you will be able to apply knowledge learned on the programme directly into your workplace throughout the course, helping you to make a positive impact quickly. This will be rewarding on a personal level and will be of great value to your employer or to your own business.

If you want to continue studying after this MSc, you could progress onto a PhD, DBA or other research degree in the area of business management and leadership, or corporate sustainability and environmental management.

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