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Hi everyone. Today we are going to talk about MSc Strategic Management program of University of Derby. My name is Dr Salman Ahmad and I am the program lead for this program and before I will talk in detail about it let me introduce you, with you myself. I have been involved in educational programs since 2011 and I have also worked with different organizations to promote entrepreneurship and even received an award from the Queen. My research is mostly focused on strategy, internationalization, networks and managing resource dependencies for organizations. I'm a fellow of Higher Education Academy and member of different professional bodies. Besides me there will be some other colleagues who will be teaching on this program including Nauman Ali who is a senior business analyst and academic professional with 17 years of experience. We will also have Dr Uche who is the academic lead for Sustainability and Environmental Management. So about MSc Strategic Management - our program stands on three pillars which are key initiatives and key elements of this program. Our program has promoted entrepreneurial and innovative thinking within existing businesses through entrepreneurship elements. We have second pillar which is internationalization and looks at how the landscape for international business is changing and equip our graduates with internationalization skills in terms of strategy building and making for organizations and third important element is sustainability. Our program emphasis on sustainable business practices. So all three areas we believe are important for strategy makers of current business environment. So that's what our program focuses in this element. So these are our three main pillars on which we base our whole program. So our key features of this program include, we use contemporary courses looking at a strategy management on a global level suited to students of all professions from anywhere in the world and we have some optional strategic sustainability management pathway for more specialist focus for students who wants to focus more on sustainable strategies and there will be postgraduate certificate award which can be completed in one year for level seven students. So if you are not interested in doing whole master degree you can just do a certificate program and graduate with that. We also have dual accreditation ILM course accreditation featuring dual qualifications and free for student membership. So our program also use these advanced business simulation tools for a revolutionary learning experience. So you not only just learning theories we also give students opportunity to practice their learning in an environment, similar to a business environment and students have choice of word-related independent study project or academic paper, to be put forward for publication. So if they are more interested in applied project they can go for in this independent study project but if they want their work to be published they can go for more publication route where we ask them to produce academic paper. And we provide career coaching and mentoring and this help students develop some different personal skills which are important for them not only for their studies but also for their life beyond this program. Now let's talk about the structure of program. The program has core modules and then some optional modules. So core modules are mandatory and all of the students on the program they have to attend that. So for MSc Strategic Management if they are registered for MSc masters program there are three core modules which are Strategic Formulation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Strategy Execution, Management and Leadership; and International Business Strategies. All these three core modules are 20 credit each and they are important for students to attend all of these three modules and then there are some prescribed modules that means two modules are prescribed that are Transforming Personal Skills and Career Coaching and Mentoring; they are zero credit modules but they are prescribed. We want students to attend these modules but it's not important for you to pass them but core modules are important for pass. And then we have another core module which is 60 credits Independent Studies module where you also have choice to go for a publication route. And then we have list of optional modules available for students of MSc Strategy Management that include Innovation in Marketing; Strategic Talent Development; Financial Dimensions of Strategic Decisions; Sustainable Business Management; and International Business Strategies. So students need to pick three out of these five options available to them. So in total each option is 20 credits module. So 60 credits they will be gaining from their core modules, then 60 credit from optional modules and then 60 credit from core module of Independent Study. All together they will have this 180 credits for a master's degree. For our MSc Strategic Sustainability Management in terms of our core modules they are same but they don't have extra optional modules, they have only three modules available to them and they need to complete them. They are all 20 credit modules, International Environmental Policy and Law; Tools for Delivering Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems; and Sustainable Business Management. All of these three modules are optional but they are also part of the core program so you will be doing three core modules and these three optional modules. You don't have any extra options and then prescribed modules which are important for you attend for you to develop certain skills for academic writing and also to plan your future career. And then we have Independent Studies.

So this is our program and what our students think about our programs. Students believe that you see that we get 100% rating for our students that our content, these courses are intellectually stimulating and students 100% of students agree that staff are good at explaining things and 100% of our students agree that this course has enhanced their academic ability. So this MSc program has received tremendous and very good feedback from students who are already studying on the program. As I mentioned earlier in core features of the program that we are offering our students a dual accreditation. So we have students who are enrolled on MSc Strategy Management program they will also receive ILM certification as part of that. So ILM level 7 certificate or Diploma in Leadership and Management it is a globally recognized qualification, evidence of application of leadership skills and it recognizes through innovative and shareable Digital Badge so you can use that Digital Badge in your communications or future to recognize your skills and your achievement and as part of that program when you are a member you are enrolled on ILM qualification. You also get free membership of ILM institute. From there you get access to their webinars, their podcast and you continue learning with thousands of curated online courses available to you and then there's opportunity to network with 30,000+ leaders who have already members of this institute and go further in my careers options of ILM institute to get advice, tools and resources that are important for your career development. So as I mentioned that our program is unique and based on three different pillars and it promote entrepreneurship and we offer students in a simulation environment so whatever they learn they can practice that in simulated business environment and for this purpose we use SimVenture Evolution software and in that software you get a holistic picture or experience from a company where you learn about finances, operations, research and development and or other organizational practices and then you are so if you are working only in marketing department this simulation helps you to also understand how organizations, resources and human resource departments work and how finances work in the organizations. So getting a holistic overview of organization is always important because it helps you to develop better strategies and make more realistic objectives for your strategic programs. Then as I mentioned that our program is specifically focused on sustainability elements. As we know that this is very important and we promote sustainable business practices through our program. So these are some pictures that how we focus on strategic sustainable elements and sustainable business development business practices through our program.

And apart from that our program also focuses on internationalization as I mentioned that we offer a core module on International Business Strategies to help our students to understand what it means to be operating in different countries. And to be honest being part of this program also helps you to be international because we get a student body. Some of my students they come from UK, some come from African countries and some come from Asian countries and sometimes I'm talking to students who is in Canada and sometimes I'm talking to a student who is in Vietnam or joining us from India. So this is a nature of our student body that we get students from all over the world and being part of a community student body which is an international student body in its core so you will also get opportunities to collaborate with other students who are coming from different countries and work more effectively and it will also help you to, if you are running organization, and to find future collaborators and engaging. So it's not only for this program but also for your future. It gives you opportunity to network with your other students from all different countries. So besides that on our program we also invite guest speakers and to give importance to industry voices so because at the end of the day our students work for businesses; and for this purpose we also organize this year Derby Small Business Conference. Where we had speakers from all different countries and more than this, participants came from 50 different countries. Besides that we have a ILM accreditation and ILM give you recognition as well as access to their resources.

After completing this program you have various opportunities for career development; like if the program will add value to your organization because it will equip you with internationalization strategies and help you to understand the sustainability and also entrepreneurial. Being entrepreneur within organizations is also important because it helps you to become more innovative in your organizations and take a lead and you can also start your own organizations because it gives you a holistic overview of organization, how finances work, how marketing department works, and you can have a greater confidence from a holistic understanding of business operations. And last but not least you get extra credibility with an MSc and ILM award on your CVs.

And with all that this is not just a virtual program this is a whole virtual campus. So being part of this program you will have all the same rights as any other students on campus students has. So you can have access to our library and other services available at the university. So being a online student of University of Derby you will have access to all these facilities even though you are not being physically on campus but you will have access to them. And how you can get this program, the maximum out of this program, what I suggest, based on my prior experience of teaching on this program for a couple of years, is that you need to create a study space for yourself if you have and then spare at least 20 hours if you can spare for yourself to spend on this program and study for this. And it also helps, as I mentioned that we have student body coming from all over the world. It helps you when you interact or engage with other students and also with the academics and I suggest that you should check your learning portal announcements regularly because we regularly make announcement and provide information to our students and if you check that and you get up to date with what are new updates. And we also share some contents like new research studies coming in and we share that outcomes with our students and if there is any conferences that students can participate we always share through our announcements. And don't leave assignments to the last minutes even though it's an online program but still we give students opportunity to work on their assignments throughout the program and I would suggest that you should also start working on them when you join any modules. It will help you to get succeeded in this program and besides that you always have a full community available to you that through discussion forums which we always use and you have a cafe forum where students can informally interact with each other and then frequently ask questions threads where you can ask questions where other students can reply as well as tutors can reply you and you can always send emails to your tutors or confidential matters you can discuss with them. And Blackboard Collaborate - not only we provide students asynchronous content that they can access anytime we also host live sessions at least three times in the time of a program and also host some drop-in question answer sessions for our students. So it is not like isolated program. So you will have the chance to meet your tutors and other peer students in live sessions and we record these sessions in case students who cannot attend the sessions due to time commitments or maybe due to different time zones, they can always go to the recordings and watch them. And we also are available to our students through telephone and virtual meetings and they can book their meetings on teams that is available to them. And you have all different sources of support available so you don't study in isolation. You get support available to you through academic leads or program leads and module leaders. Also each module has a tutor and then personal academic tutors also help you and then we have online learning advisors for non-academic issues, so if you have any issue which is not directly related to your academic problems you can always call or send email to our online learning advisors. And then we have student services available as I mentioned you have all the access to all the services available to the university like student wellbeing services, library, career, Union of Students. You can access all these services. And then you have Microsoft Office 365 access and with one terabyte cloud storage space available to you and then 24 7 access to a student portal and virtual learning environment that you can use at the freedom of your own choice that whenever you find it is use appropriate for you or when you have time you can access and continue reading. The learning process never ends so as I mentioned you have access to our libraries. So we have e-library resources available there are Library Plus - you can search any articles or read book. Online versions of books are also available you can get these books and read them whenever and most of the books for our courses, we try to make sure that they are also available online to you. And there is also subject librarians as having expertise with online e-library resources. And these are some of the books that we offer to our students. They can study, read, through our e-library. And as I mentioned being part of this online learning you are not just online you have all the rights. And so similarly we have our graduation event and you can attend that with your family and enjoy everything in the graduation day as other on-campus students normally do. So these are some pictures from students who graduated from our programs in the past. So for next steps what I would advise you, go to entry criteria, check what are the entry criteria and what you need to have to be part of this program and enrolment criteria we call it and what is the course fees and how much it will be from your side and then payment plans you can also get payment plans so payments can be divided and when is the next intake you can find it and contact our teams through this link. Thank you so much. This is all from my side today and I hope to speak to you soon if you have any questions you can always contact us through your queries. Thank you.

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