the benefits of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Accreditation video transcript

I'm Joe from ILM and I'm going to talk to you today about enhancing your career prospects with ILM and the University of Derby.

ILM are the leadership and management arm of the city and guilds group, a global organization helping people into the job on the job and into the next job. We're a charity with social investments and awards and recognition all around the world.

ILM are leadership and management specialists enabling people like you to develop and demonstrate the application of skills in the real world. Our brand is globally recognized and trusted as a mark of quality.

There's a real challenge for employers to recruit good leaders and managers. We're working with the University of Derby to help them and their students to demonstrate that the experience that they are gaining and the skills that they can demonstrate are fit for purpose in the modern economy. Our collaboration is around dual accreditation, this means that the University of Derby have aligned their online MSc with the ILM level 7 qualifications in leadership and management. This means that students on the MSc will gain the level 7 ILM qualification with no additional work required. This qualification is highly valued by employers and recognized globally as a strong indicator of application of learning in the workplace.

In addition to the internationally recognized qualification certificate, students will also receive verified digital credentials to share online and access to student membership of the institute of leadership and management and digital resources that come with that package.

Digital credentials represent the evolution of certification you can see the image on the screen there that's something that you'll be issued with upon successful completion. That can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, online CVs and email signatures. Anybody that clicks on that image wherever you've shared it online will see rich metadata explaining to the viewer exactly what you've been through to gain this qualification and the skills that you've developed and demonstrated. These skills selected by the University of Derby and ILM link to real employment opportunities and using the system you can actually find employers that are looking for people with the skills that you can now demonstrate. This could be in the UK, in regions of the UK or other countries around the world.

And the system actually takes you through to real job application forms. Digital credentialing is used by many employers including IBM and many others as a way to demonstrate and track the skills of their employees. Finally your access to membership of the institute of leadership and management; when you're registered on the ILM program you'll receive notification of your membership. You can activate your membership with this leading institute of leadership and management membership organization and get access to my leadership online learning resources, weekly podcasts, a community of leaders, edge magazine, webinars and many other benefits.

A lot of the leadership and management resources are built around the five dimensions of leadership; authenticity, vision, achievement, ownership and collaboration and within each of those sections are many resources.

Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the benefits of ILM dual accreditation. If you do have any questions please contact your University of Derby representative thank you.

The benefits of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Accreditation video

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