Darley First Responders receive £1,600 for life-saving kit from the University of Derby

14 February 2023

A team of local volunteers who support the East Midlands Ambulance Service has received a donation from the University of Derby to cover the costs of equipping one first responder with the necessary kit to support the chain of survival and reduce the overall time taken to provide medical treatment. 

Established in November 2021, Darley First Responders (Darley CFR) is a team of trained volunteers deployed directly by the Ambulance Service to provide emergency life-saving care in Darley Abbey and the wider Derby area. Their role is to reach critically ill patients as soon as possible, increasing the chances of saving a life. Since Darley CFR was established, the team has responded to over 140 calls.

The £1,600 funding, provided by the University as part of its Civic University Agreement, is paying for one life-saving kit comprising:

Peter Ralph, Scheme co-ordinator for Darley First Responders, said:

“We were overwhelmed when the University agreed to provide this much-needed funding, which will allow us to fully equip a new responder with everything they need to be an additional valuable resource, directly increasing the survival rate and response times to emergencies in their local community. 

“This kit will go to University of Derby student Joshua Bagnall, who is currently going through training and lives within the main University community near the city centre. A huge thanks to the University for its generosity and support.”

Student Joshua Bagnall in his First Responder uniform
University of Derby student Joshua Bagnall is training as a First Responder with Darley CFR.

Professor Keith McLay, Provost – Learning & Teaching at the University of Derby, added:

“One of the goals of our Civic University Agreement is to support the health and wellbeing of communities within the city and county, so when we received the request from Peter to provide funding for this lifesaving equipment it was an easy decision to make. 

“We are delighted to support Darley CFR, even more so because Joshua, one of our students, is going to be the recipient of the kit. 

"Community first responders play a vital role within the community, giving up their time to support people facing life-threatening situations. We look forward to following Joshua’s volunteering journey, a role I have no doubt will be extremely rewarding.”

The University of Derby launched its Civic University Agreement (CUA) in June 2022, in partnership with 15 other organisations from across the city and county. The Agreement, created following extensive consultation, clearly articulates the long-term civic ambitions of the University, and how it intends to work with these 15 signatories to drive forward the local recovery and regeneration of Derby and Derbyshire, helping to channel aspirations, support local communities, share knowledge and enhance the area’s overall offer and vibrancy.

It focuses on five core goals, designed to make a positive impact on the people, communities, organisations and businesses within Derby and Derbyshire:

  1. Secure our future
  2. Drive ambition and positive change
  3. Make a positive environmental impact
  4. Support health and wellbeing
  5. Invest in culture as a driver for change

Read the Civic University Agreement.

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