University pledges to support estranged students and asks them not to ‘Stand Alone’

3 April 2017

Professor Kathryn Mitchell, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Derby, has signed the ‘Stand Alone’ pledge – making a commitment for the institution to support and develop services for estranged students.

Derby joins 22 universities pledging their commitment to ensure that students who are studying without the support or approval of a family network group are supported throughout their studies to stay resilient and enable them to achieve success.  

Stand Alone supports adults who are estranged from their families by encouraging universities to sign a pledge giving their commitment to developing services for estranged students.

Stand alone pledge logo

Research by the national charity established that estranged students drop out of higher education at a rate that is three times higher than for the average student.

The University will ensure that key services, such as finance, accommodation, mental health and wellbeing, and outreach and transition, all meet the needs of estranged students.

Signing the pledge, Professor Kathryn Mitchell said: “The University of Derby is an inclusive and supportive organisation and we pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming environment to a diverse student group.

“We are pleased to build upon the work we have already started for estranged students and look forward to working with Stand Alone to develop our services in order to extend our provision.”

Among the services the University of Derby currently offers are:

The University also offers support with English language skills, careers and employability, and health and wellbeing.

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