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Professor Kathryn Mitchell


Professor Kathryn Mitchell, Vice-Chancellor


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Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



I joined the University as Vice-Chancellor on 1 September 2015.

The University of Derby has over 25,000 students and operates across the county of Derbyshire with principal sites in Derby, Buxton, Leek & Chesterfield.

With a turnover reaching £180m and 3,000 employees the University is both a major institution of higher education and one of the region’s largest employer working with a wide range of local and global businesses. Moreover, over the last three years we have seen growth in our student numbers increasing international students studying with us in Derby or with partners in China, Africa to name but a few.

Prior to joining Derby I was Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of West London with special responsibility for academic provision and quality across the University. I previously held the senior positions of Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Support Services and Dean of Students at the University.

I was a Wellcome Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, for over 7 years and have studied at the Universities of York and London, and worked at the University of Chicago, the Rockefeller Institute, New York and the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel.

Professional interests

I am a Chartered Psychologist and continue to play an active role in research, supervising and directing a range of research programmes. Engagement with my discipline is extremely important as it not only keeps me abreacts of current research but allows me to work with a variety of colleagues form across the University and with external partners at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust.

Research interests

My research approach has changed over my years in Higher Education with my former years being engaged in research in the fields of Neurobiology and Behavioural Psychology and my current research much more integrated into the field of Health Psychology. However, all my research addresses chronic disorder; with the early research addressing changes in behaviour within transplantation models following modification of cell lines or implantation of neurotransmitter releasing cells.

My current research is addressing how advances in medical treatments including technologies are accepted by both patients and clinical staff within clinical and non-clinical settings.

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Additional interests and activities

Recent publications

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