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Mineral Products Alumni makes waves as Product Development Manager at Aggregate Industries UK

Danielle Dawson, Product Development Manager at Aggregate Industries UK, developed her knowledge as an apprentice at the University of Derby's Centre for Mineral Products.

Career development

Danielle believes that the knowledge gained during her studies have been beneficial for her career journey as she is able to apply her skills to a broad range of activities in the workplace.

“I use the skills that I gained during my studies daily in my career. From the concrete technology expertise when testing and developing new mix designs, ensuring conformity - to resource management, engaging people around me to become powers of change within the industry. Everything I have learnt at the University has been relevant to my job and career - it's great to be able to take what I learnt in the classroom straight into the workplace.”

Preparing for the future

In addition to assisting her in her current role, Danielle believes that her qualifications have equipped her for her future career.

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The FdSc and the Honours are both highly recognised in the industry, so it is great that I have had the opportunity through my employer to undertake these studies and eventually get to graduating.

Danielle Dawson
Product Development Manager, Industries UK

Presenting her knowledge at the Mineral Engineering Society’s awards event

Danielle recently attended the Mineral Engineering Society's annual awards event, which drew together students, staff and industry professionals to celebrate the students' hard work and determination. As well as awarding The Mineral Engineering Society Award for Outstanding Achievement, the event also provided students with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge by presenting their research projects to the audience. The guests were treated to interesting poster presentations from first year students, as well as two enlightening presentations from University of Derby alumni Danielle and Josh Herridge.

Using the knowledge gained from her studies, alongside her own research and experience, Danielle delivered a passionate and engaging presentation arguing that the concrete industry can achieve greater sustainability by increased product circularity. To support this, Danielle conducted her own research by scoring different types of concrete based on their circularity strand. As a Product Development Manager, Danielle’s interest and expertise in new materials and technologies shone through, as she suggested that future usage of circularity indicators would have a beneficial impact on reducing waste in the aggregate industry.

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The event provided alumni and students with the opportunity to communicate directly with staff and industry professionals. Danielle found it beneficial to discuss her knowledge with the network of experienced staff throughout her course.

"The tutors are experts in the field with a wealth of hands-on experience. Away from the formal studies themselves, the tutors and support networks have been a vital element of my career development, offering guidance with day-to-day operations, future ambitions, and an empathetic ear when things don't always go right!”

“My studies have provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in a field which could otherwise take years to gain through experience alone. Studying alongside the experience of an apprenticeship and employer-funded degree has greatly influenced where I am today.”

Whilst delivering the presentation, Danielle’s enthusiasm and interest in the future of the aggregate industry was clear to see. With bold and enthusiastic rising talent like Danielle in the aggregate industry, we are excited to see what the future holds!

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