Beatrice Chang from Malaysia has discovered new friends and beautiful countryside whilst studying at our Buxton Campus.

After studying Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa Management at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore for three years, Beatrice Chang from Malaysia decided that she wanted to continue her studies in the UK. “I always dreamt of coming to the UK as my uncle studied at Oxford. I never knew it would come true!” 

It was Beatrice’s teacher who recommended that she considered the University of Derby to do an undergraduate course in Wellness Management. Due to the partnership agreement between Republic Polytechnic and the University of Derby, Beatrice was able to transfer seamlessly into the final year of the programme. She made her mind up that this was the right decision after visiting the Buxton Campus where the course is taught.

“When I came to visit they reassured me that I would be fully supported moving here, I had a look around Buxton – I love nature, I don’t like cities, so I found the Peak District amazing. The main reason I choose the University was because it was small group sizes and very supportive. Also it’s only one hour away from Manchester.”

A picture of Beatrice Chang

Students from all different countries

Travelling to the UK as an international student can feel daunting and it’s understandable to worry about making friends and fitting in, but Beatrice’s worries soon faded.

“On the first night here we had a barbeque in the halls of residence, I met all of my close friends then – students from all different countries! It’s a nice community feel, we all hang out together and support each other. We cook for each other to try different cuisines, and I’m sure that we will all stay in contact after we graduate.

One of the greatest perks of being a student at the University of Derby is the international environment — I meet people from all over the world.  The international student community is incredibly supportive, we are like a big family and have an amazing time together.  Inside the classroom, the lecturers are super supportive.  They genuinely care about the student's wellbeing and personal development.”

Surrounded by beautiful countryside

Beatrice is also enjoying the beautiful countryside surrounding the Buxton Campus. “Within 10 minutes, I can be taking a relaxing walk in the woods after a long day of classes."

For Beatrice, the biggest benefits of studying in the UK are the opportunity to explore another culture and see new places. “I love travelling and I’d never been to Europe before so I wanted to take this year to both learn and travel as much as I could.”

After graduation, Beatrice is planning to work in Europe for a couple more years and gain some ‘western’ work experience in human resources or hospitality roles. She firmly believes that her chosen degree in Wellness Management from a UK university will make her more employable, especially in Asia. “I would definitely recommend coming to the UK, especially to the Buxton Campus, as I have had such a good experience with the support and community there is”