International applications for September 2021

We are experiencing a high number of applications for courses starting in September 2021 and as a result we are now only accepting international applications via an educational agent. 

Find your Educational Agent Representative

We have a network of educational agent representatives in most countries around the world. You can contact any of our agents and apply to study with us directly through them. 

Find your nearest educational agent:

This process is only for September 2021 intake and we are reviewing our admissions processes for January 2022 onwards. 

What to do if you have already applied?

If you have applied recently, your application will now be put on hold and we will only continue to proceed and process once we receive confirmation from your representative agent. Your agent will notify us when they have agreed to represent you, at which point we will then continue to process your application.

If we do not hear back from an agent, we confirm that we are unable to proceed and therefore your application will be withdrawn.