What Mohika is looking forward to this year video transcript

Hi guys, my name is Mohika and I'm a second year international student at the University of Derby. Located in the heart of the UK, Derby is a vibrant city which is greatly accessible its cultural diversity makes international students feel at home and it is probably one of the most amazing cities for international students to move into.
I'm really looking forward to returning to Derby and meeting all my friends after a really long, long time and also going back to studies and making the best use of the
opportunities provided by the university.
Living in halls definitely helps you socialise more as the university organises a lot of events which help you find and meet new people, it has been a true blessing for me to live in halls as i've made some amazing friends and I'm going to live with them this year.
I love to hang out with my friends during my spare time we usually go into the city you know maybe some good cafes, restaurants that you could check - there's also a lot of green spaces that you can explore. Because of its accessibility you can also take day trips to nearby cities such as Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham and Liverpool, Manchester - so on!
I'm really excited to go back to campus and continue studies and I'm really sure that all the safety guidelines will be upheld and the university will ensure the safety and health and well-being of all the students.

What Mohika is looking forward to this year video

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