My international experience video transcript

Hi I'm Weronika and I'm from Poland, I'm an international student at the University of Derby. I came to Derby four years ago and last year I graduated from Journalism degree and this year I've just finished my masters in Marketing Management. So I've been in this city for now over four years.
Me coming to Derby was quite a spontaneous decision. When I was looking for universities I was living abroad at the moment, and then I researched Derby and I found that Derby is a very central city, with very easy access to London to Birmingham to Nottingham or any major cities. I've decided to live in halls in a first year as I didn't have any families or friends here. I thought that it's gonna be a good idea to meet new people and feel a part of the community. The other reason was that halls are very central, right in the city centre. There is now also a free bus unibus that runs literally every 10 minutes so it's very easy to get to the campus and back.
My advice to any international students coming to the UK is to make sure you research the university you are going to study in and the city itself. If you're looking for accommodation make sure it close the campus and close the city centre and if it's not make sure there is public transportation that can get you in and out and the other advice is just to enjoy it, go out there meet new people.
University offer a fantastic range of sports clubs and societies that are great for meeting new people I joined volleyball in the beginning of my journalism course and it was the best decision I've ever made. I made loads of friends and I play the sport that I love, which is amazing.

My international experience video

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