Car sharing

We recognise that for some trips, the car is the only realistic way to get to University. However, this doesn't mean you can't do your bit to reduce congestion, emissions and the impact on parking at University.

By car sharing with just one person you can reduce your costs of travel by up to 50%. Of course, you may wish to take it further and save up to 80% (with 4 passengers). Either way, it makes getting to and from University much more affordable.

How to car share

The best people to car share with are those who are on your course or who work in your immediate area, as they are likely to share similar time commitments. Its well worth asking around, people don't have to live in the same town, just on the same route...for example, people from Matlock could easily car share with people from Cromford or Belper, as they are driving past!

You don't even need to have a car to car share - just be prepared to put something towards the travel costs.‌

Nationally BlaBlaCar offers a service where passengers and drivers are reviewed in a similar way to an eBay seller. It's free and easy to register journeys.

There are also and GoCarShare - where you may find a lift or you can offer a lift.

Remember - car sharing saves money even if you only manage once a week... why not try it as a one off - you don't have to commit to it forever!

How do I get home if my car share goes wrong?

It can be a worry - what if your car share partner has been called away early, or if you need to get home due to unforeseen circumstances.

In an emergency, if you are stuck at the University due to a failed car share arrangement call x1115 and explain - at the very least we can help you to find the right bus or trains or maybe help achieve a lift back with another car-sharer.