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Support for children and young people Our Bachelor or Education students continually arrange events at the university and in the community, demonstrating their commitment to helping children and young people.

Discover some of the different events that our Bachelor of Education students have held in order to raise funds for charities and the community.

BEd Community Week 2015

Across a week in June, our BEd students visited local schools to give something back to the community.

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BEd Charity Week 2015

Across a week in April, as part of the seventh annual BEd Charity Week, Stage 2 and 3 students took time out of their study schedules to raise money for Barnardo's through a series of planned activities.

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Collaborative Project

Our stage four students worked collaboratively with their peers and a Museum practitioner from the Derwent Valley World Heritage Sites. Together they planned, implemented and evaluated a project relating to good practice when learning and teaching beyond the classroom. Our students also had to plan for the trial of their resources with a class of children, and developed their understanding of both the Primary National Curriculum and the importance of learning beyond the classroom environment.

Collaborative Working with Humanities Specialists

Humanities Specialists, Claire, Graham and Helen, hosted a group of Year 5 children within our unique classroom, which redefines the way the traditional classroom works. They designed a problem-solving session whereby the children were to improve the difficulties of an imaginary town, focusing particularly on road safety. The children explored the present difficulties of different stakeholders and came up with their own ideas. They had an enjoyable afternoon and the town plan and ideas are on display within their classroom where they are still coming up with new suggestions!

Languages Day

Our BEd first year students and their tutors designed a Languages Day that involved all 240 pupils at Etwall Primary School in Derbyshire. The children explored a range of exciting French, Spanish and German language activities based on the theme of 'Tell us a story'. In the afternoon, a whole school celebration assembly was held whereby every class gave a language presentation based on their chosen children’s book using songs, dances, ICT-based animations and role plays.

Mathematics Problem-Solving Event

Three mathematics problem-solving events were staged, planned and delivered by stage three BEd Mathematics Specialists and BEd stage two students, in collaboration with several of our partnership schools. For all the events, pupils were grouped across schools and age to take on the problem-solving challenges in a cooperative way. Activities included a mathematics treasure hunt, designing a theme park, magic numbers and hunt the number thief!