Showsec, an international crowd management and events security company, teamed up with us to develop a new tailor-made degree for professionals in its industry.

Showsec International Ltd is Europe's leading dedicated event security and crowd management specialist and has an international reputation, working on prestige events including the Brit Awards and the MTV European Music Awards.

Launching a Foundation Degree

Now Showsec and the University have together launched a Foundation Degree in Applied Professional Studies, specialising in Crowd Management.

Foundation degrees are a higher education qualification bringing together the experience gained in the workplace and academic learning.

The new course developed by the University, in close partnership with Showsec, combines academic and theoretical knowledge with work based skills and will contribute to the long-term development of the company, giving its professional staff a formal qualification in the area of crowd management and event security.

So far, 22 junior and mid-operational management executives at Showsec have embarked on the flexible learning programme.

Carol Steed, Head of Corporate Learning at the University of Derby, said: "The commitment from both parties on this project has been exemplary. The programme fits in well with our extensive selection of courses based around the events industry.

"The foundation degree has been developed to recognise the existing experience and knowledge of the individual learners, the employees, and allow them to study components of the course at a speed that suits them."

Meeting industry needs

Showsec Academy Training Manager Keith Hackett and the University have driven the initiative over the last six months, creating a fit for purpose qualification programme that is relevant to the current commercial environment.

Keith said: "Showsec chose the University of Derby because it is one of the leading forces in work based learning. They have succeeded in translating the content of our courses, developed at the Showsec Academy, into a University qualification framework.

"The University has a proven record of industry-wide qualifications and experience, combined with a genuinely innovative approach to learning. Add this to its capability to provide a full range of relevant qualifications, from Level Two to Level Seven (from NVQ to Masters degree), and it is the ideal institution."

Matt Bromley, Curriculum Development Manager at the University of Derby, added: "Showsec as a company has devoted substantial time and resources to the development of this course, illustrating its ongoing commitment to education in the industry. We look forward to developing a range of learning solutions in the future."

Showsec Managing Director Mark Harding said the new foundation degree course was the first of a series of joint projects planned with the University of Derby, including a number of research ones.

"The University embraces the industry's needs and fully understand Showsec's requirements, allowing us to develop a programme that delivers far greater benefits than a more theory based course," added Matt.

We pride ourselves on being the driving force behind change and education in the sector, and this groundbreaking course introduces a clearly defined career development path for all staff.

Matt Bromley
Curriculum Development Manager, University of Derby