The Partnership

Consultancy attracts overseas learners with UK accreditation

Leadership development consultancy, The Partnership, saw an opportunity to make its Coaching Leader programme more desirable to overseas students and approached us for accreditation.

The brief

The Partnership runs a Coaching Leader programme, designed for middle and senior managers who are responsible for the performance and growth of staff.

Since most of the learners are from the Middle East and Far East, the Consultancy recognised that accreditation from a UK university would enhance the programme’s kudos and value. After extensive research, The Partnership chose to work with us.

Our solution

The programme was put through our rigorous accreditation procedure, which included:

The final programme was accredited as a Level 6 qualification worth 40 credits. Learners gained an insight into a range of coaching models, tools and techniques, with opportunities to discuss and evaluate these. It was delivered through blended learning, including:

“University of Derby Corporate’s background in business coaching and training liaisons was impressive as was its direct and immediate response to all requests for further information. It was this combination of professionalism and experience that influenced our decision to choose UDC as our accreditation institution.”

Brendan O’Shea, Chairman, The Partnership

“Having the accreditation process in place enables participants to constantly reflect on their learning. It gives robustness to the individual’s learning process by having to write and articulate their development as coaching leaders.”

Hazel Valentine, Director of Coaching, The Partnership

“I have really experienced the impact of my coaching – my team are now able to solve more problems and ask me for support rather than always asking for direction.”

Anonymous quote from the evaluation form