Tata Steel

The University of Derby worked in partnership with Tata Steel Limited to accredit their Continuous Improvement Champion Programme. The programme is delivered in-house at Tata Steel's Academy to frontline staff who are developing their continuous improvement tools and techniques. Accreditation of the course by the University means learners who successfully complete their training are awarded a University Certificate in Implementing Business Improvement.

This is an internationally recognised qualification which can be transferred between academic institutions and shows that the holder has demonstrated knowledge and understanding to a specific and measured standard. The programme can also be used for continuing professional development purposes and progression into other qualifications.

This is a pilot project for Tata, with the aim of potentially accrediting other signature programmes within the Academy in the future.

Tony Goddard, East Coast Lead Training Advisor at Tata Steel Limited said: "I am delighted this programme will be recognised as a qualification. 

"The University has been very supportive and has worked with us to ensure our programme remains both relevant to the business and has work-based assessment contained within it.  This means we will see immediately how delegates are applying their new knowledge and the business will be able to see their return on investment in terms of training and development."

And he added: "We hope to build on the relationship in the future."

Business Development Manager at the University of Derby, Angela Crawford, said: "We find that accreditation of courses like this brings huge benefits to employers. It encourages innovation and enhances recruitment and retention. It can also be used to demonstrate a return on investment - showing value for money - and professionalises sector-specific training".