New College Nottingham

New College Nottingham embeds a bold new mission and values

Operating within a challenging economic climate, New College Nottingham had felt it necessary to review its focus and set out a bold agenda for change. The College asked for our help to bring its employees on-board and support the transformation.

The brief

ncn had published their new Statement of Strategic Intent, in which they set out a bold agenda for change. Since it was operating during a serious economic downturn and in a city with higher than average unemployment and economic inactivity, the College decided that it needed to become more:

This meant creating a more entrepreneurial environment, in which staff would consider new ways of working and collaborate more.

Our solution

We devised a two-stage programme to help employees understand the changes and identify how they needed to develop, to help the College achieve its new mission.

The programme is still underway and once completed, learners will gain an Advanced Diploma in Professional Development: Business Transformation (equal to one-third of the final year of a Bachelors Degree).

In Stage 1, which has been completed, learners identified opportunities for their professional development beyond the context of their current role. This stage was delivered entirely online, with support from a University of Derby tutor through email, phone and face-to-face meetings.

Learners were also asked to complete a Corporate Values Assessment, to explore the skills and qualities they held and how these could help the College.

Stage 2 is underway and is a group project to address a real business issue. Choosing one of the College’s strategic touchstones – Excellence, Employability or Enterprise – small groups of staff are working together to devise and plan a way to transform existing practices.

Topics include:

This stage is being led by ncn staff and delivered mainly through individually arranged group sessions and personal learning. Learners also attended a launch event and workshop and continue to have regular meetings with University of Derby tutors.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Stage 1 and it has propelled me into realising that I need this focus and direction to achieve what I want and be successful while using reflection to enhance my skills, values and beliefs.”

Learner comment


“The programme has enabled project teams to come together and really focus on the planning and delivery of a business transformation project for the long-term benefit of our College.”

Joanna Boulton, Director of Human Resources, New College Nottingham

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