Division of Citibank chooses us to develop its leaders

A division of the world’s largest retail bank, Citibank, chose to partner with us for their Senior Management Development Programme and their new Academy.

Their brief

Citi UK Consumer was responsible for the Egg brand between 2007-2011.

Having worked with us before, the company thought of us as the natural partner again for the development of its senior level 2 managers – those who directly report to the senior leadership team.

These people were experts in their own fields but had not yet developed strong strategic management and leadership skills, and had little experience outside of Citibank.  

Our solution

We first undertook a training needs analysis and E-360 exercise for each manager, to identify the gaps in skills and behaviour. 

Using the results, we worked with senior executives in Citi to develop a bespoke postgraduate-level Senior Management Development Programme for a pilot cohort of 25 managers.

It comprised:

Following the success of this programme, Citi asked us to extend it to a Postgraduate Diploma, adding another year of study.  

At the same time, the division asked us to help them establish an Academy, which would attract, retain and develop talent. This involved accrediting in-house training to develop a suite of university-approved programmes (Levels 4-7).

A significant number of those who had taken the Senior Management Development Programme expressed an interest to progress to the full MBA, which at Derby has the added benefit of being CMI accredited. Therefore, we also developed a corporate MBA for Citi that linked in with the key themes of its Senior Management Development Programme.

The results

12 senior managers completed the initial development programme and a smaller cohort progressed all the way, completing the full MBA.

During the corporate MBA, employees developed ideas that would save the company millions of pounds if implemented. Unfortunately, Citi UK Consumer’s assets were sold in 2011, before these ideas could come to fruition.

Nevertheless, with the exception of the level 6 element, all of our proposed Academy was accepted and implemented by Citi before the business was sold.

“The programme has helped provide our employees with a quality stamp to their development, increased delegate motivation and commitment, and supported the retention of our management talent. I’ve found working with UDC a refreshing and fruitful experience.”

Andy Llewellyn, Head of Training & Development, Citi UK Consumer