Making your in-company programmes accredited qualifications

Accreditation results in your in-company training programmes being recognised as university-level qualifications.

Key features

Staff looking at documents ad chatting about them

The accreditation process

The process usually takes around 12 weeks and broadly follows this structure:

Stage one - initial discussions

We gather information about your current training activities and work out the academic level of the programme. We also ask for a brief background of your company so we can understand your business and develop a strong partnership.

Stage two - formal documents are prepared

We work with you to develop three important documents that clearly set out how the programme and partnership will work.

Stage three - implementation and quality assurance

Once the programme is up and running, we'll keep in touch and carry out monitoring activities, helping you ensure quality standards remain high.

Supporting Croda

Find out how we helped Croda through the accreditation process - read the Croda success story.