Highest New Entrant — HealthNet Homecare

HealthNet Homecare provides clinical homecare services for tens of thousands of patients with chronic or acute conditions, and rare diseases, across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Having opened a new HQ at Swadlincote in 2020, it is this year’s highest new entrant to the list at position 24.

Nurse taking someone's blood pressure

About HealthNet Homecare

Since establishing itself as a start-up business in 2015, HealthNet Homecare has now grown to become the third largest provider of clinical homecare. In the last three years (2019-2021) the firm has increased its turnover by 180% and doubled its workforce.

It works with clinicians, patients and their families, and pharmaceutical companies, to design and deliver services such as personalised nursing (through face-to-face, telephone, and digital contact), storage and dispensing of medication, delivery of medication and more. These services can help alleviate capacity pressures on the NHS and support patients to receive healthcare services in a location of their choice.

Expanding and moving to Derbyshire

Originally based in Pontefract, Yorkshire (with a registered office in Worcestershire), HealthNet expanded in 2020 by letting a new 18,000 sq ft space at Orbit Business Park in Swadlincote, while retaining its existing site in Pontefract. This gave the firm three times more space to support its growth. It subsequently made the new Swadlincote site its HQ and so has qualified for our Top 200 ranking for the first time this year.

In May 2021, HealthNet Homecare UK announced the completion of the acquisition of HealthNet share capital (previously owned by Lexon UK Limited) to support its long-term growth plans.

Digital innovator

HealthNet differentiates itself through technological innovations. It has created a set of portal systems that provide a level of convenience, transparency and flexibility that's new to the UK homecare market. These include:

  1. The clinician portal, which allows clinicians to make swift referrals and electronically transmit prescriptions.
  2. The patient portal, which enables patients to choose when, how and where their medication should be delivered, to suit their needs.
  3. The nursing platform, which digitally captures every interaction with patients. This sends valuable data back to the referring hospital, ensuring that clinicians are always aware of the detail of their patient’s treatment. It can also provide real-world data to pharmaceutical companies, on the efficacy of their drugs and treatments. 

HealthNet's sister company, Healthcare Anywhere, has also created the first NHS approved app that is specific to pharmaceutical products and patient care.